How to Determine That Your Air Conditioner is Being Overworked?


Air conditioners are an indispensable part of daily life in summers. In Singapore, where the summers are brutally hot, the importance of aircon cannot be emphasized enough. On such days, when the aircon is constantly running, there is a very high probability that they might get overworked and exhausted.

The overworked aircon never works properly. If your aircon is exhausted, it is time that you get it repaired and checked by experts. One of the best aircon repair service Singapore is They have a team of experts who has vast experience in dealing with issues relating to air conditioners.

They also offer emergency services 24/7, thus you need not worry about sudden issues in your aircon. They are known for their expertise and ethics in the profession. Another reason to consider them is the affordability of their pricing, which makes them the bang for the buck.

Signs that your air conditioner is overworked

1- Shocking increase in the electricity bills – a worn-out air conditioner is barely able to meet up the cooling demand. Since there may be many worn out or broken parts, the proper functioning of the air conditioner is hindered and it begets a hike in the electricity bill.

2- Barely able to cool up the room – if your air conditioner is not able to cool the room in the same way it used to earlier or if it is taking too much time yet not giving desirable results, it might be a sign that something is wrong and you must get the air conditioner checked by experts.

3- Excessive humidity in the room – if your room is humid even after switching the air conditioner on, there might be some coil or drainage problem with your air conditioner, which can be fixed by a team of experts.

4- Work out buttons – even though it is very internally fulfilling to bang the buttons on the thermostat until the optimal temperature is reached, it is a very depleting practice for the aircon. The worn-out button will impede the functioning of the air conditioner and ultimately, you would have to face the ramifications.

5- Warm and cold spots in the house – if there is a noticeable temperature variation in your home, it is a sign of leaks and disconnection in the ductwork or a worn-out compressor. Experts can easily resolve these issues.

6- Strange noises from the aircon – if your air conditioner makes strange noises, it means there is something stuck in the wing blades or that the blades are bent. Either way, it must be checked and rectified immediately.

7- HVAC leaks – drainage and leaks provide the breeding ground for moulds issues, which depletes the performance of the air conditioner.


Air-conditioners are a necessity for a good night sleep, but when they develop issues, they become the anathema of your peace. If you observe any deformity or dysfunction in your air conditioner, you must contact the experts right away. This would help in solving the issue before it grows in size. is the answer to your thermostat problems. You can connect with them on PinterestTwitter and Facebook.

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