Best Duo For Wedding


Meticulously, if you want to make your event day more beautiful and magical, you should add a duo for wedding for your evening reception, wedding ceremony or afternoon drinks.

The melodic sound of a lovely singing duo or an acoustic guitarist as you approach the venue or walk down the aisle may enhance the romantic mood and make it an unforgettable moment for your wedding day. Unquestionably, live music performances are more stunning.

With a live musician in place of conventional bridal music, the possibilities are endless. A string duo performing the latest chart-topping popular canzone, a modern jazz duet enriching the space with vibrant jazz beats, or a solo guitarist delivering soft acoustic covers are examples of the performances. To summarise, live music is the greatest method to amaze your visitors and to get everyone in the mood to enjoy your big day.

Due to their versatility, duo artists can provide acoustic music in the background for your wedding breakfast and main wedding day. The fact that they inspire people to come up on stage, enjoy the moment, and dance along with them is their finest quality.

However, consolidated act line-ups are a good alternative for tiny venues with limited performance space; you do not need to be concerned since the line-up is smaller. Blue Planet Entertainment provides a large selection of fantastic musicians available for hire for your special day.

Traditional guitarist and vocalist duo

A classical guitarist and a spectacular vocalist are an ideal combination for a traditional wedding ceremony since they will create a tranquil environment while your guests await your arrival. A classical guitarist’s intricate plucking will establish the tone for your wedding ceremony, which will include a diverse choice of tunes.

Elegant versions of classic songs and some operatic tunes for the good standard are the best choice for small weddings to make a significant impression.

Pianist duo

There is no greater alternative than a classier pianist on your wedding day. It’s perfect as background music for your wedding breakfast entertainment or afternoon socialising. The duo of pianists performs beautiful piano combinations of classical favourites and current songs. Hiring a pianos duo will increase the worth of your wedding.

Instrumental Jazz Duo

Indulge in a jazzy instrumental duo to add elegance to your wedding day. A perfect jazz duet can bring a stylish touch to your wedding entertainment by creating a dulcet ambience with soft background music as you mingle with your guests. A jazz duet is underappreciated yet really wonderful.

Pop and rock duo

It is one of the most popular music selections at wedding receptions, and it is ideal for getting the attendees in the party spirit. Because people adore dancing at wedding receptions, a pop and rock duet is ideal, as it will energise the guests to appreciate the music’s rhythms.

Duo Loop Pedal

The grooms and brides adore the actions with loop pedals when Ed Sheeran performs. It’s a wonderful idea to use a loop pedal with two musicians in their performance to get a complete band sound. A harmony pedal or loop, on the other hand, takes a collection to a whole new level, filling the dancefloor by playing better and larger chart-topping tunes.

Duo with acoustic vocals and guitar

Guitar and voice combo with an acoustic theme is becoming increasingly popular as a result of their diverse performances. It produces a soothing and relaxing sound and encourages your visitors to join you on the dance floor. Acoustic guitars, singing, and Cajon, on the other hand, give the wedding a full day of joy and pleasure.

Duo Vocal Harmony

Their undeniable charm and lovely tunes make their presentation even more appealing and spectacular. Acoustic harmony duet is ideal for modern weddings with a relaxed atmosphere.

Undoubtedly, you can depend on the duo for wedding you employ; it makes no difference who you have selected for wedding entertainment; your guests will be entertained and will never forget your wedding day. You can check all the sensational musicians on Blue planet Entertainment.


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