Top 3 Things to Consider Before Opting for Wood Decking


A deck space can be perfect for relaxation, BBQ parties, lounging etc, and can serve as a perfect extension for your home. There can be various types of decks, such as concrete, composite and wood – with the last one being in existence for as far as one can remember. The sight of timber decks is an elegant one, and fills the mind with a kind of warmth that can only be expected upon association with nature. When you have a wooden deck, built in a proper way, you can have a perfect space to unwind and relax in, after a long and hard day at work. Here are top 3 things that you need to consider prior to opting for wooden decking Coventry.

Types of deck materials to use

In case you have made up your mind that you would have a wooden deck, keep in mind that it will have various structural components. It might need footings made of concrete which would extend under the frost-line, to protect your feet from freezing cold winters. In case you want to have a deck standing on sandy soil, you might require constructing bigger footings that can provide the deck posts or beams with support.

These posts may be lumber with dimensions 4″x4″. Typically, these are quite strong to provide the deck with support. In case your deck space is over the ground, you might need to use structural posts of dimensions 6″x6″. The beams of your deck will horizontally recline on the posts, and will provide the joists of deck with support. The joists would be horizontally spaced after every 12, 16 or 24 inches, and will keep the decking Coventry boards supported. For the uninitiated, decking boards happen to be deck floor which span from one joist to another.

Size of deck

A large sized deck would be unnecessary if you have a smaller backyard and home, and do not tend to entertain bigger groups of friends or relatives. In that case, a basic deck would be enough – although you need to add one or two angles to the kind of design for decking Coventry that you want.

Construction codes

While getting a wooden deck built, you would possibly need inspections, permits etc to satisfy building code requirements. You have to know about the same. It is better and more hassle-free to enlist the services of a deck contractor who can build your wooden decking Coventry in the way that you envision.

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