Why are Pub Goers Preferring Imported Beer Over Others?


Craft beer has been ruling the market for the past few decades and it has always been the bar’s darling. But the competition has been divided by the advent of a huge contender called the imported beer. With their ramped-up efforts, the voluminous consumption has been increased from above 13.0% that amounts to 231.2 million gallons of the same, in each quarter in Canada. But why are they gaining such massive movement of the stocks? Let us understand why:

The aura of the brand

The internationally brewed beers bear a lot more fascination among beer enthusiasts than what local brands can do. At the rate at which the craft beers or microbreweries sprung up, imported beers were catering to that customer base previously. They had given the customers a feel of luxury which otherwise was not a possibility. The artisan-type imported beers did leave a crucial impact in the minds of the customers and bars found it alluring to keep them in stock in higher quantities. Differences in manufacturing locations had always been able to leave deeper impacts on the minds of people and that has what made imported beers popular.

The innovation

The international beer industry is in an ultimate growth phase and it is dynamically evolving. The level of brand engagement they can provide cannot be matched with local or craft beer industries. The beers are getting paid and consumed more because of their heavy perceived value. The Mexican imports are one of those most accepted beers around the bars of Canada. The following are the most readily accepted beers:

  • Guinness- The Irish import and marquee brewed beer. It has a characteristic deep and dark color. Every sip is going to give you a refreshing bite.
  • Dos Equis- This is the most interesting imported beer available now. This has been brewed in Mexico ever since 1897. Originally named Siglo XX, this beer has never really lost its popularity.
  • Strongbow- This is another impactful beer import. It is a hard English cider put to produce for the past 50 years. There are new and evolved flavors today that arrive from Belgium in the Gold Apple, Honey, Red Berries, and Ginger flavors as well.

The imported beers are also popular due to their economic rates and great availability. Head up to Mad Hatter Pub Bar to witness the magical inventory of imported beers. 

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