Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Brisket


Nothing is better than a juicy brisket. It tastes great regardless of how it is cooked. However, there is a reason for the saying, a brisket, don’t risk it. Almost everyone who has ever cooked a brisket has had a less-than-great one at some point. However, by using pink butcher paper for smoking meat and avoiding some of the other most common mistakes, a person can enjoy a delicious brisket regardless of how it is cooked.

Not Finding a Brisket with Quality Marbling

Brisket is derived from the breastbone of the cow. It is essentially the pectoral muscles of the animal. It is a well-worked muscle and full of fibers. This means it is not possible to cook it like steak and get a tasty meal.

Instead, brisket must be cooked low and slow, such as smoking or braising it. The lower temperatures provide time for the fibers to break down, which makes them tender and juicy. However, they need help to remain that way. This is when marbling comes into play.

Marbling is the white streaks of fat that are found in between the muscles. Marbling is essential for creating a delicious and juicy brisket. Most of the BBQ joints around the country will use a certified Angus beef or prime grade beef because of the higher levels of fat and marbling. With the longer cooking process, the fat is slowly rendered out, which helps to keep the meat moist and juicy and prevents it from drying out. If a select grade brisket is chosen, it will not hold up over the longer cooking process and may taste dry when it is done.

Not Choosing the Right Cut of Brisket

While brisket is used for eight primal cuts, it is sold in several ways. While each cut is tasty, some are better suited for some cooking methods than others. However, if someone purchases a Packer or untrimmed brisket, they will receive the entire brisket. It is also possible to buy the two individual muscles that make the brisket up: the point and flat.

The first cut is the flat cut, or the leaner part of the brisket. The second option is connected to the flat cut with a thicker piece of fat, which is called the deckle. Some people claim this cut is more flavorful, but really it has more fat.

The right cut is dependent on how you plan to cook the brisket. Be sure to keep this in mind, regardless of when a person wants to cook the brisket. Finding the right cut and cooking the brisket the right way are the best ways to ensure that the desired results are achieved and that the brisket tastes delicious.

Do not underestimate the benefits that are offered by cooking this cut of meat properly. It is going to provide a delicious meal and ensure that a person gets the tender, melt-in-the-mouth flavors that every BBQ lover desires from the meat that has been cooked. Remember, practice makes perfect when it comes to choosing and cooking a brisket.


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