What To Do During An Aircon Installation


We live in HDB houses in Singapore, each with a lot of windows for ventilation and light to come in. It is nice to have large bright rooms in the house, but it can also present challenges with the heat when the sun has been shining all day.

If you need cooling of your bedroom, or regulation of the villa or cottage temperature, then an air conditioning system may be a solution for you. An air conditioning system cools the room down to the temperature you set it for.

Climate-friendly solutions: inside

The indoor climate is of great importance for our health and well-being. The built-in filters of an air conditioner clean the air of dust particles, pollen, smoke, etc. and the temperature can be easily regulated as needed. It is important that they look at the indoor climate and the comfort of the house.

Air conditioning or heat pump?

If you want to use your system for both cooling and heating, it is also an option to install a heat pump.

The authorized refrigeration fitters are equipped to install both air conditioning and heat pumps. Our Energy Advisor is also available to help you make the right decision in relation to your needs.

Want to know more about the benefits of a heat pump?

Service inspection:

Regardless of the system, they offer annual inspections of your air conditioning or your heat pump.

If you primarily use your system in the holiday home, it can be an advantage to have it reviewed before the start of the season.

We have many solutions in heating and cooling

In addition to air conditioning, the professionals offer a wide range of solutions within heating and cooling, including

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar power

They also have experience with many different subject areas and can offer total solutions for both private and business. As a licensed electrician, electrical installer and plumbing installer, they can offer.

  • VVS
  • Look
  • Alarm
  • Monitoring
  • Ventilation
  • Access control
  • Electrical installations
  • Network installations and much more

Indoor air quality and temperature is of great importance for your well-being. Therefore, do not compromise if the humidity is high or the temperature fluctuates. With an air conditioner, the temperature and air are regulated so that the room is always comfortable to stay in. If the room is cold, the system provides heat, it is hot, the system provides cooling.

The professionals install air conditioning systems for large office landscapes and for small holiday homes, for institutions and for housing. If you choose an air conditioner for the home, it will function as an intelligent control unit that adapts the boiler’s consumption to the temperature outside.

You can look at https://lkbrothersaircon.com/services/aircon-installation/ for professional aircon installation services in Singapore, and request for a quotation.

Last Words

When it comes to installing an aircon with an outdoor unit, many people only pay attention to the indoor unit because it is most visible inside. Usually little attention is paid to the location of the outdoor unit, but this is not unimportant. The outdoor unit must stand free.

The discharge of warm air and the inflow of outside air must under no circumstances be obstructed by obstacles. If the warm air is properly discharged in a well-ventilated outdoor area, the outdoor unit will reduce the flow of warm air to the indoor unit.

This is the only way to enjoy better cooling and a comfortable cool space. Moreover, this costs less energy, which means that you have to spend less on cooling. Also read our tips on how to buy the right outdoor unit.

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