How Do You Know If Your AC Is Losing Its Efficiency


ACs can lose their efficiency for various reasons, including infrequent maintenance and improper care. Not knowing how to figure out if your AC is performing optimally or not makes it hard to maintain it.

Here are common signs to watch out for when hiring an AC expert offering 24 hour AC repair service:

Your Home Is Too Hot

When your AC doesn’t seem to be working well, one of the most common signs is that your home is too hot. If you don’t have a thermostat in your home, take a few readings throughout the day over several days. 

If they are consistently hotter than usual when the AC is running, it’s possible that it is not blowing cold air. In this case, calling an expert can help you figure out what’s wrong with your AC and resolve the problem.

Your Energy Bills Have Been Skyrocketing

Another sign that your AC needs ac maintenance lee’s summit mo is when your energy bills have been skyrocketing for no discernible reason. If you see a significant increase in your monthly bill after installing an AC, there is a chance that maintenance is required.

Your AC may be operating inefficiently, making it work harder than needed to keep your home cool. If it’s not working efficiently, you might consider getting an AC tune-up before the summer starts.

You’ve Noticed Frozen Coils

If you’re noticing frozen coils on your outdoor unit, it’s time for an AC tune-up. The coils freeze when they are not operating efficiently, leading to expensive damage to the unit. If you don’t feel comfortable making your repairs, calling an expert is often a good idea.

You Hear Strange Noises

Hearing strange noises coming from your air conditioner could indicate a problem. There is likely a problem if you hear a clicking, droning, or other odd sounds coming from your air conditioner. To avoid expensive repairs down the road, consider getting an AC tune-up as soon as possible.

You Smell a Strange Odor

A strange odor coming from your air conditioner is another sign that you need an AC tune-up. If you can smell something burning, it might indicate a problem with the system’s blower motor or capacitor. It could also be caused by dust or bacteria growth on your outdoor unit fan blades if not kept clean.

Regardless of the reason, if you notice any of these signs, getting an AC tune-up might be a good idea. A 24-hour AC repair specialist can quickly figure out what is causing your AC to lose its efficiency and make the necessary repairs at any time, especially during emergencies.


The Indoor Unit Is Running Constantly

If you notice that your indoor unit keeps running even when you’re not using it, there’s probably a problem. If your AC is blowing warm air on a hot day, you might need an AC tune-up. 

The refrigerant levels may be low or any other number of things. Once you’ve ruled out any potential problems with the thermostat and filter, it’s probably time to call for help from a professional.

AC tune-ups aren’t a luxury – they are a necessity if you want to keep your unit running smoothly. If you observe these signs, it might be time for an AC tune-up before the summer hits.


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