Water Damage 101: What Homeowners Should Know Before Filing Insurance Claim


There are a lot of bad things that could happen to you while you are sleeping. You may wake up one day to find that your basement has been flooded due to a faulty water heater, frozen pipes may burst during the winter, your sprinkle system starts to malfunction, or you may just experience some of the worst natural calamities there is.

In any of these instances, your homeowners’ insurance policy will typically cover the cost associated with the damage. However, not all types of water damage are covered.

Which type of water damage is covered and not covered by your insurance policy?

A water restoration company, phoenix, arizona company knows that if the damage had come from the inside of your home (water damages caused by a faulty water heater or frozen pipes bursting), the cost will be handled by your insurance policy.

On another note, if the water damage occurs outside of your house (damages caused by floods and other natural calamities), it will not be covered by your standard homeowners’ insurance policy.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this is not always the case. The real basis of whether or not damage is included in your insurance policy is if it’s not deemed as gradual damage.

What’s the difference between sudden or accidental damage and gradual damage?

Before you file a claim for water damage, you must make sure that you know the difference between sudden or accidental damages and gradual damages.

Water damage, as the name suggests, is a kind of damage that is caused by water. However, when we say gradual damage water damage, this pertains to damages caused by water but it happens slowly over time. This is a common issue when it comes to insurance claims.

NOTE: If the water damage is not accidental or sudden, instead it resulted in a long-standing problem that has been undetected, chances are that your claim will be denied.

What are some examples of gradual damages due to water damage?

Before filing a claim, be sure that you know whether it is considered gradual damage or not. Here are some of its example causing denied claims:

Corrosion and molds

Deteriorating electrical wirings

Deteriorating parts of the roof

Pipes, faucets, and plumbing leaking over time

Seepage from cracks in the foundation

Why are gradual damages not included in your insurance policy?

Gradual damages are often denied because these are damages that you’ve suddenly discovered but it has actually been happening for a while now. Insurance is only meant to cover damages that are sudden and accidental. It does not include damages that happened over time.

What should you do now?

The good news is that you can contact several insurance companies in Phoenix, Arizona, and seek out a special policy that will protect you from any flood-related damages. Remember, when it comes to your standard homeowners’ insurance policy, this would typically cover water damages from a burst pipe, but not gradual leaks and floods.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself struggling to determine whether or not the damage is gradual damage or sudden damage due to water damage, you can still talk to your insurance provider to clear things up.

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