Unusual Christmas gift ideas for the woman who has everything


Whether you’re looking for a gift for your partner, wife, sister, or mom, finding a unique and exciting gift can be hard work. It seems like women have everything nowadays, and thanks to a healthy economy, virtually everything is within reach, from fashion and jewelry to tech and vacations. Fear not: to ensure you impress the lady in your life, we’ve got some tips…

Bring the gym home


The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we think about life, and one sacrifice so many people have had to make is the gym. Though gyms have reopened safely in many states, the chances are that you’re still hesitant to exercise around other people. Oh, and who really wants to wear a mask when they’re all hot and sweaty? Instead, make the investment in a Peloton Bike. Their new Peloton Bike+ is ideal for indoor cycling and now offers strength, yoga, stretching, and meditation classes – ideal for you and your partner.


Give the gift of faith


If you’re looking for a way to demonstrate your passion for your partner and for Christ in the same gift, you can’t go too far wrong with a piece of jewelry that features the Celtic cross. It’s easy to find a piece of religious-inspired jewelry when you shop around, and companies such as Celtic Cross Online handmake stunning necklaces from their workshop in Dublin, Ireland. The best part is that every piece is hallmarked, adding to the gifting experience.

Face mask kit


This year has been unlike any other, and though it would be great to think things will go back to normal on January 1, the chances are that we’ll be living through these unusual times for a little while longer. If you’re looking for a topical gift that can serve as a keepsake in years to come, buy your loved one a kit to design their own face mask from home. Tie-dye kits are all the range, but you can also find kits that are ideal for those who love to knit and embroider.

Countdown to Christmas book


If your partner is obsessed with Christmas, the chances are that she has Hallmark Christmas on 24 hours a day. This year, the network behind the channel has launched a new book that offers behind-the-scenes secrets, exclusive interviews, and recipes inspired by the movies. It is sure to sell out fast, so grab yours for less than $20 on Amazon before it’s gone for good.

Ear acupressure kit


Does your partner love to look after herself? The new Plant the Seed Ear Seed Kit is an item she’ll be sure to love. Our ears contain hundreds of acupressure points that represent a microsystem of your whole body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ear seeds offer a new needle-free way to activate your acupressure points and relieve stress, encourage hormone balance, and boost the immune system. Give them a go and see if they work!

We hope these gift ideas have offered some food for thought. Let us know what you buy!

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