Reasons to fall back in love with your milkman


The idea of having your milk delivered may have fallen out of favour as we transitioned to supermarkets for all of our food and drink, but as the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, we cannot afford to rely on one store for all of our food. With dairy farms now offering the service across the country, including Kerr’s Dairy, which offers milk delivery in Aberdeen, now might just be the time to fall back in love with your milkman. Here are reasons why…

Longer lasting, better tasting milk

Milk bought from the supermarket is processed, transported from one end of the country to the other, and then sits in the supermarket for days before you pick it up. Because of this, it has a short shelf-life and often goes out of date before you’ve managed to drink half. Fresh milk, as an alternative, is delivered as soon as it’s ready, and you can expect an expiration date of around one to two weeks. This results in less waste and better-tasting, healthier milk.

Support local businesses


We all know that supermarkets squeeze dairy farmers for every last penny, meaning that they have to make compromises and cut corners. When you buy from a local dairy farmer that sells their own fresh produce, you’re not only helping to contribute to your local economy and community, but you’ll know exactly where your milk comes from. No weird stuff added. And let’s face it: we need to support local businesses now more than ever. The more people who shop local in your street, the more local jobs can be created, making a huge difference.

Better for the environment


Another reason to buy local milk is to reduce your carbon footprint. Most dairy farms use glass bottles which are more environmentally friendly as they’re able to be reused hundreds of times. Most milk bottles we buy from supermarkets are made from plastic which, although can be recycled, isn’t always. And because your bottle of milk will be transported a shorter distance than if you buy from a supermarket, there are fewer food miles to worry about.

Fewer trips to the convenience store needed


We’ve all done it: gone to make a cup of tea, only to realise that we’re out of milk, or it’s gone off. Milk delivery means that your milk is dropped off at your doorstep once or twice a week, allowing you to focus on making the perfect cup of tea. Most dairy farms also offer staples like eggs and cheese, so ask around and try out these local supplies. They might be a little more expensive, but they’re guaranteed to be better quality and taste oh-so-yummy!

Have you started getting milk deliveries again? Let us know about your experience and check back soon for more tips and tricks on supporting local businesses, right here.

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