Signs It’s Time for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Galveston


Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring types among both residential and commercial property owners. It’s comfortable, insulative, and can add some aesthetic appeal and warmth to any space. However, carpets are also difficult to keep clean.

Routine vacuuming and cleaning up spills as soon as they occur can help property owners keep their carpets looking their best, but it doesn’t replace the need for professional carpet cleaning. Read on to learn how to recognize the signs it’s time to call in a pro.

It’s Been Over a Year Since the Last Cleaning

Experts recommend that property owners have their carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year, even if they don’t look exceptionally dirty. Carpets can hide dirt, grime, and allergens. If they’re left in place for too long, they get ground into the carpet fibers, decreasing longevity and making it harder to remove odors and stains. If the carpet sees a lot of use, property owners may need professional cleaning more often, but once a year is a good starting point.

The Colors Are Dull

People look at carpets all the time without really seeing them. The best way to tell if a carpet’s colors are getting dull is to move a piece of furniture that’s been in the same place for a long time. If the color beneath the legs of a chair or table is bright and beautiful compared to the rest of the carpet, it’s time to call a professional carpet cleaner who can restore the whole thing to its former glory.

Unpleasant Smells

Most carpets see a lot of foot traffic, and all those shoes and feet carry tons of bacteria and mold spores. Over time, they can build up in carpet fibers to create a gross, smelly mess. If anyone has noticed unpleasant odours in carpeted rooms, a deep cleaning may help to remove them.

Water Damage

Mold thrives in damp, dark places, and that’s just what it finds at the bottom of wet carpets. Water damage from leaks and flooding needs to be addressed immediately, and carpet cleaning is one of the most important forms of damage control. Don’t wait until the carpet starts to smell if there’s been a serious leak. Call a carpet cleaner to remove all the excess water, clean the fibers, and make sure the floor is completely dry before the damage spreads.

Worsening Allergy Symptoms

If a home’s residents or a business’s occupants suffer from allergies, dirty carpets can make them worse. Pay attention to symptoms and consider where they occur. If people’s symptoms are worse in the carpeted room, get it cleaned. If that doesn’t work, consider scheduling an HVAC duct cleaning to eliminate airborne allergies.

Serious Stains

Minor stains can usually be addressed without professional help, but DIY removal methods won’t work for large or stubborn stains. It’s best to schedule a professional cleaning as soon as possible to avoid permanent discoloration.

Get Help Now

Looking for Carpet Cleaning Galveston property owners can rely on? Don’t put off calling in a professional. Scheduling routine or emergency cleaning is much more affordable than replacing the entire carpet.

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