The Benefits of Installing a Home Lift


Home lifts used to be considered either a great luxury or a medical necessity. As technology has progressed, though, they have become more affordable. Now, more homeowners than ever across the world are choosing to install lifts in their multi-story houses. Read on to find out why.

Improved Accessibility

In some cases, home lifts are more a necessity than a convenience. Such is the case for the millions of people who struggle with physical disabilities and mobility impairments. Installing a home lift will allow mobility-impaired residents and guests to move from floor to floor with ease instead of relocating to single-story homes.

Transport Heavy or Bulky Loads

Moving large items up and down stairs can be an incredible hassle, even for people who are in fantastic shape. That’s not a problem in homes that have lifts. Residents can transport everything from furniture to large loads of groceries to wherever they need to go without worrying about navigating stairs.

Improve Safety

In many cases, getting up and down the stairs, especially with a heavy load, is more than just a hassle. It can also pose a safety risk. Installing a lift eliminates the need for attempting to navigate stairs, which means anyone can get around without worrying about dangerous falls down the stairs.

Increased Property Value

Home lifts don’t just improve accessibility and offer a formerly unprecedented level of convenience. They also make fantastic investments. Installing a home lift can increase residential property values and attract more qualified buyers, even in challenging markets. Potential buyers are often willing to pay more for homes that already have lifts, especially if they’re currently disabled or plan on aging in place further down the line.

Excellent Security

Home lifts can be equipped with security systems that preclude their use by anyone who doesn’t have an access code or key. These added security measures help to assuage the fears of homeowners who live in neighbourhoods prone to break-ins. People with permission to use the lift can do so without worrying about safety concerns, while potential home invaders will find themselves unable to navigate between floors.

Stylish, Space-Saving Designs

Worried about how installing a home lift will impact the property’s curb appeal or how to fit it into a smaller multi-story home without disrupting the entire floor plan? Don’t be. There are plenty of custom options available, so lift installers can find the right product to match any interior design or accommodate the smallest floor plans.

Ease of Maintenance

When homeowners contract home lift installation services from Lift Works, they’ll get 12 months of maintenance completely free. From there, they can expect timely, professional, affordable service that will keep everything running smoothly and safely for years to come. Home maintenance requires nothing more than routine cleaning. Professional lift maintenance companies can tackle all the rest.

The Bottom Line

Installing a home lift can be viewed as an investment not just in the residential property but also in residents’ safety, security, and comfort. Home lifts come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and they’re fully customizable. Any family or individual living in a multi-story home can benefit from contacting a lift installation company to discuss their options.

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