How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool


Let’s set the scene. You are a bar or restaurant owner working to make your business look as good as possible. You are hoping to provide a comfortable experience for your guests. And you are hoping to keep your decor purchases within a strict budget.

Bar stools are an essential part of making your bar comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming. There are only a few key factors to keep in mind to find a bar stool that will please you and your customers.

Types of Bar Stools

There are so many different styles of bar stools. One of the most popular options is Floor Mounted Bar Stools because they offer unparalleled durability and sturdiness.

Cafe bar stools are also popular because they offer a wide variety of styles and are typically more lightweight. Another popular option, logo bar stools, allows you to promote your brand on the seat or back of the stool and are typically made out of chrome.

Height and Width of Bar Stools

Choosing the right height is vital to the comfort of your guests. The typical rule is that there should be between 10-12″ between the seat of the stool and the underside of the bar. Otherwise, guests may be too close or too far from the bar for comfortable seating.

Width is also an important consideration. A narrower stool means that more guests can be seated at the bar, but guests may find a wider stool more comfortable. You’ll need to balance the available space with guest comfort.


The two most common choices for bar stool materials are either wood or metal. Wood stools offer a more homey, natural look, while metal stools offer a sleek, modern look with more durability.

Many bars stool are often covered with fabric for additional style and comfort. Vinyl is a popular option because it can be cleaned easily, is durable, does not stain, and comes in a variety of colours. Leather is also a popular option because it is easy to clean, tough, comfortable, and very stylish.

Stool Backs

Bar stools commonly come in three different options for backs. The first is a backless stool, which allows customers to socialize more easily and makes for a light-weight stool but is less secure.

The next option is a ladder back, slotted back, or jailhouse back stool, all of which offer more stability than a backless stool without the complete coverage of a full back stool. Lastly, there is the full-back stool, which offers stability and allows guests to feel more relaxed. Full-backed stools may come in a high back or low back option.


One of the most important factors in choosing a seating solution is that it fits with your bar’s current style. You don’t want to have chrome bar stools that, even if they are very comfortable and look great on their own, don’t fit in with the existing furniture. Consistency is key to creating a cohesive atmosphere in your bar or restaurant.

Whatever type of bar stool suits your bar or restaurant’s needs and look, it’s most important to find the one that’s right for you. Make sure to balance all of these different factors to find the most suitable option.


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