Strangest Obstructions Found in Plumbing


Ask any plumber about the most bizarre blockages in pipes, toilets, and sewer lines and they will tell you a slew of amazing stories. Although plumbing systems are fairly straightforward in their intended purpose, foreign objects can often get into the mix.

Most cases involve children and pets. Adults can also be guilty of flushing contaminated materials. This list is not exhaustive but it sheds light on some of the most bizarre obstructions plumbers have encountered in their pipes and toilets.


For those who wear dentures, it can be frustrating and expensive to lose a set. This is because multiple dentures can block the plumbing. It is not something you would want to do, but it is helpful to understand why false teeth keep getting lost.


A toilet made for commercial use can swallow a smartphone in one flush. Plumbers often encounter this issue on nightclub calls. These devices are usually unusable after discovery so it is probably a waste to keep a lost-and-found box.


More toys that are not appropriate for children can block the toilet or sink at home. It’s not uncommon to find many building blocks, models of farm animals, or action figures in one plumbing system. This is a very difficult type of blockage for parents to avoid, as children often flush the evidence away without your permission.


Although it is normal to expect small sums of money to appear in plumbing, you may be surprised to find that substantial amounts are quite common. It’s a different question to ask about the source of these watery fortunes.

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