Why do you require installing a wet room in your home?


These days, you can easily come across several bathroom layouts that are highly admired at. One such design is the ‘wet room’ that fits both small and big bathrooms perfectly. It also is not expensive like you imagine it to be. They top the list when classy shower designs are concerned.

Its ‘open-plan’ design is what provides it with a neat and formal appearance. Small bathrooms find it an ideal option as no clear distinction is noticed between remaining space and shower area. Contacting the Wet room Builders Coventry experts can help you understand the exact specifications.

About wet room

When compared with the ‘traditional’ bathroom, wet room tends to differ with regards to design. It is rather a completely tanked or waterproofed bathroom with floor level shower installation. The leveled shower and remaining area makes it safe and convenient for people suffering from mobility issues. Users can easily enter as well as exit the walk-in shower effortlessly. Wet room Builders Coventry can provide more details on this design.

Most wet rooms are generally tiled to ceiling from the floor. This is to avoid water leakage issues. ‘Flush-drains are also featured to complement the wet room’s open-plan. Separate enclosure will not be essential for the walk-in shower. Some households might prefer to install glass screen. This is to avoid water splashing from the shower area to the other places of the bathroom.

Installing the wet room in your home is indeed a wise move made since it allows you to use the space effectively. It can also be installed at the ground upper floors, irrespective of your home has concrete or timber flooring. It also requires very little maintenance, since the shower area derives better drainage and direction. There is no need to work on the corners to scrub out soap-scrum. According to the Wet room Builders coventry company, this design promotes hygiene and well-being.

Why it is growing in popularity?

They take very little space, thus being an ideal choice for small bathroom. Shower cubicle will not be required, thereby saving more space and allowing more freedom in movement. This design is also found to be more stylish unlike traditional shower area. It can rather be termed to be a contemporary and cool design for your modern bathroom.

You can also come across lots of design options to choose from. Thus, you can develop precisely what you desire. It is also easy to clean while requiring less effort and maintenance. You may hire the Wet room Builders Coventry specialists to install this design to have that flawless look and luxury feel.

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