What Should You Do When Your Basement Gets Flooded?


Flooded basements will almost always call for the services of a water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana. There are some things you could do to remedy flooding on your own while you are waiting for the professionals. This can help you prevent further damage in your home and possible injuries in your family.

Shut off the power and water supply

Before you even step into the basement, you need to make sure that you have turned off the power supply and the water supply already. This will help make sure that you do not get electrocuted while trying to inspect the damage. If the flooding is coming from the main pipeline, this will also stop the flooding.


If the flooding is caused by a storm or rain, wait things out. It is not advisable for you to do anything during the storm. When the flooding is caused by a leak in your main pipes, shut off the water supply but make sure the electricity is also turned off. Turning off the electricity while waiting for the rain to stop is also a good idea. Do not enter the basement yet.

Wear protective gear

If you want to inspect the damage even before the water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana comes, you should wear protective gear first. Protect your feet with boots. Wear gloves and goggles. You can also wear a mask if you suspect you will be dealing with harmful gases or molds in the basement.

Examining the damage

If the flooding is manageable, you can begin to inspect the damages. Try to find the source of the flooding. Is it really just rainwater or is it a leak and rainwater? If the flooding is too much for you to handle, it is better to wait for the professionals from a trusted water restoration company, Elkhart, Indiana.

Check the drain

Most basements have a floor drain because basements tend to get wet. If your basement has become flooded, this can be because there was a serious overflow of water. You can also be dealing with a clogging problem. Your basement lies underground so it’s normal for some rainfall to get in. If you were using the washing machine and there was a backflow from the drain, this can be easier to deal with. It could just be a matter of declogging that drain.

Water removal

For large scale flooding, it is better to hire a professional water restoration company Elkhart, Indiana to remove all the water from your basement. For manageable floods, you can attempt to use your wet/dry vacuum to remove the excess water and dry up the place again. To prevent mold problems, however, you should still call a water restoration company. This way, they can properly dry the basement and prevent black mold growth. Black mold is very harmful to your health. Professionals can also attempt to restore furniture which has been damaged by the flood. They can help you assess if an item is worth restoring or if it is cheaper to just replace it with a new one. That’s the reason why flood insurance is necessary.

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