4 Kinds of Kitchen Cabinets that’ll Brighten up the Room


Kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops are the two things that are the final deciders of how the end product will look like after renovation. Which is why elite renovation firms like KSI focus on the quality – the kind of materials used and the final finish – of the cabinets. Some such KSI kitchen cabinets that are suitable for different kitchen styles are listed below. Have a look and pick accordingly.

  1. Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchens are the most popular and one of the best practical kitchen models. Some of their trademarks are:

  • An all white look.
  • Painted cabinets with simple door handles – handles could be in wood and steel.

In fact, most of the modern kitchen cabinets are usually made of walnut and white marble.


  • They’re compatible with most modern energy saving kitchen appliances. It reduces the electricity bill.
  • They are perfect for kitchens that have low natural light.
  1. Classic Kitchen Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets allow more flexibility and creativity to flow in. Some of the characteristics of classic kitchen cabinets include the following.

  • They are mostly made white, off-white, and beige with simple detailing.
  • They include features like hooded panels, crowned or molded feet, and simple doors.


  • They are quite practical since they’re made really spacious.
  • They are perfect options for contemporary kitchens as well as modern kitchen styles.
  • They easily blend in colorful surroundings if you want peppy colors without compromising on the elegance aspect.
  1. Modern Shaker Expresso Kitchen Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are the best options for small kitchens. Also known as built-in cabinets, these have the following traits.

  • The most basic type has a 5 piece door.
  • They have a center panel.
  • The edges of the cabinets are neat and plain.

The different kinds of finishes include:

  • Clean look in classic grey and off-white.
  • Cabinets with visible natural wood grains texture.


  • They blend with modern kitchens, antique kitchens, traditional kitchens, as well as rustic kitchen styles.
  • They are one of the most budget-friendly cabinets for people running on a tight budget.
  • They are fairly easy to maintain.
  1. Classic Cherry Raised-Up Kitchen Cabinets

These types of KSI kitchen cabinets have a more traditional look. Some of their distinctive features include the following.

  • They usually have attractive red undertones.
  • They have a smooth and glazing finish that looks perfect in kitchens that see a lot of sunlight.


  • These cabinets are shockproof and impact resistant. Hence, they’re durable.
  • These are mid-cost options – neither too expensive nor too cheap. So, if you have a decent enough budget, go for these cabinets.

All in all, all the above-mentioned kitchen cabinets are perfect for different kinds of interiors. All you have to do is take help of professional designers at firms like KSI to figure out the type of kitchen you currently have and the type you want it transformed into.

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