Top questions you should ask the salesperson buying doors or windows.


When planning for a construction project, it is recommended you come up with an estimate of the total budget of the whole project. This requires certain research to find out the prices of the component of the house, the building bricks, roofs, doors, and windows. Thorough research will make the process of construction smooth when you have everything well planned. In the windows and door sector, it is required to find the best quality, well-fitting doors, and windows whose budget is reasonable. This is to ensure you get the best aesthetic and within your budget. Below are some questions to ask your salesperson before buying doors and windows for your house.

  • Do you do installation? 

Before buying ensure to inquire whether they do the installation. If they do the installation procedure to inquire whether they do it themselves or they have subcontractors. This is because when a company uses sub-contractors, there is a weak relationship between them and their employers. This can result in a poor installation. There is no room for this, all you want is properly installed windows.

  • Can you break down the prices?

Whenever you are in the market looking for windows or doors, you need to request a breakdown of the product’s price, how much is a single-window? How much is like three of them together, their width, material, and other specification. With this, you can evaluate the best aluminium window with the best price for you.

  • What materials do you use for installation?

You can get good windows installed at a good price and properly but with bad materials. Materials that start cracking and falling apart after just a month or two. Ask them about the material, and during the installation, be there to confirm it is what they are using.

  • Are they insured and do they have a warranty?

What kind of insurance do they have? Is it genuine? Will they cover the loss in case of an accident or one of their worker steals something from you? DO they have a warranty? What kind of a warranty? How long does it cost and what is covered? These are the questions you should present to a salesperson to get the best deal.

In Inter-Québec they are there to answer all these questions and join you in your project. They do the project themselves and use the best materials for your windows and door. You can read from the response they get from their customers.

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