How To Prepare Children For Moving To Another State?


Many parents who are going to move abroad for permanent residence do not even think about how difficult such a step can be for their children. How can you help kids survive the move easier and quickly adapt to the new society without traumatizing the fragile child’s psyche? Find more in this article.

Explain The Reason For The Move

It is very important to explain to the children the reason for the move. Not just your adult reasons, which may seem unconvincing to a child, but understandable and important for them. For example – it can be their better leisure time, beautiful and well-groomed cities and amusement parks, new toys, new friends), a fun and exciting life and a completely another study.

It is worth talking with older children about better prospects for education and about future good, decent work.

In addition, you need to show confidence that everything will be okay. You should not discuss your doubts and concerns about moving and living abroad in front of children, this will not bring them additional confidence in the future but only scare.

Do not start moving until you are sure that your children are already more or less mentally prepared for this and are ready to say goodbye to their old home.

Packing Things While Moving To Another State

While collecting things, do not send the children for a walk, but involve them in this process, so that they can jointly choose what has already served its time and what must be taken abroad with them.

Also, give them some responsibility and freedom to unpack and organize their new room on the first day of the move.

A “Goodbye” To Friends Before Moving

Breaking up friendships is the most difficult thing for children. The family remains in the same composition, but you can’t invite your girlfriend or friend to take a walk. This is sad for us adults, but for children, it may seem like the end of life, without exaggeration.

What can help? For children under the age of 10-12, it is imperative to organize a relocation party with their friends. Make it a holiday, not goodbye! It should be just a party. Tell and demonstrate ways of communication via the Internet, intrigue with simple paper letters (for modern children, this is something unknown, fabulous). Make other children delighted with what they see, and they will definitely tell your child that they would like to be in his place.

Far From The Past: A New Home

Try to create a familiar environment in your new home. Most likely, you will keep the old rules anyway: who takes out a bag of garbage, and who buys bread or water. However, it is much more important to create a familiar environment known from birth in the children’s room and in the house. A few simple things like family photos on the wall, favorite pictures, and toys will bring back the feeling of being at home. Pay attention to such important little things in life.

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