The ideal ways to reseed a lawn

ways to reseed a lawn

The lawn near your property might appear improved on specific occasions of the year than others. Some grass becomes inactive or dormant in the winter or summer, and some lawns might encounter fungus, insects, or high utilization that makes the grass thin or make infertile lands. To handle these circumstances, some householders might think about reseeding their lawn. It is not tough understanding how to reseed a lawn, but it does need some preparation and exploration.

Below are some easy “how to plant grass seed on existing lawn” ways:

  1. Analyze the reason for infertile areas

You would have to realize why you have infertile areas on your lawn. If it is due to heavy foot traffic and pets, it’s most likely quite easy to understand, so you’ll need to think about a turf seed known for dealing with high-traffic regions that can develop in your lawn. But, if you are not certain why you have barren spots, you might require taking a soil sample to discover if there is a mildew disease or insect problem.

  1. Select the correct seeds

You must do this by knowing your surroundings and examining your exposure. Look for the correct seed that can resist complete, partial sun or intense shadow, plus the weather. Both cool- and warm-season grass seeds are available, therefore it is essential to decide which category suits your wants.

  1. Prepare the soil

Dig up the place and work on the lifeless matter. When it comes to lawn care Cummingyou will need to take care of any weed problems as well, if you experience them, prior to reseeding a lawn. For preparing the soil, you can also apply a pre-fertilizer, or a light coating of soil to support seed germination.

What is the right time to plant cold season grasses?

The perfect occasion for planting cool-season grasses in northern areas is late summer to early fall when they are developing most energetically. The warm soil promotes seed germination, cold fall air encourages expansion, and soil moisture remains more stable.

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How often to reseed lawn?

Reseeding every 3 to 4 years can help in restoring your lawn before it starts to weaken. This guarantees that the lawn remains solid and thick, avoiding weeds from attacking.

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