The Advantage of Airless Pump Bottles


If you’re looking for a packaging to store your cosmetic creams or lotions, there are plenty types of jars and bottles to choose from. Each of these packagings comes with its own unique look and benefits. Although all these original packagings work great for storing cosmetics, there is, however, one new type of packaging that is becoming increasingly popular: airless pump bottles. These unique type of pump bottles differentiate themselves in both usage and design, making them truly stand out. But what are airless bottles exactly and why are they becoming more and more popular among cosmetic brands? Throughout this article, we’ll have a closer look at what airless pump bottles are and what benefits they bring along.

What are airless bottles?

Airless bottles are, just like any type of cosmetic packaging, a sleek cosmetic container used for storing and dispensing lotions or creams. What separates them from regular pump bottles, however, is their unique dispensing system.

Whereas regular pump bottles feature a traditional pump that has an internal tube used to bring up and dispose of the product inside, airless bottles have a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system. This non-pressurized dispensing system features an internal mechanical pump that, instead of using a tube, has a small disc at the bottom of the bottle. With each press of the pump, this small disc moves up slightly. This causes the product stored inside of the bottle to move up along with it, causing it to dispense through the pump. As a result, there is no longer a need for the plastic tube inside of the bottle.

Besides the fact that this tubeless design looks much better and more elegant, it also brings along a number of benefits in terms of sustainability and usability. Below, we have listed down the unique benefits that airless pump bottles bring along.

Benefits or airless pump bottles

When we compare airless pump bottles to traditional pump bottles, it becomes clear that their unique design brings along a ton of benefits. These benefits come in terms of design, usability, product shelf life, sustainability, and more. With so many benefits over traditional bottles, it is no wonder that airless pump bottles are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry.

  • Sleek and minimalistic design

When you see an airless pump bottle for the first time, the first thing that will catch your attention is its sleek and minimalistic design. Because airless bottles no longer use the internal tube to bring up the product, the bottles feature a much cleaner and simpler design. Furthermore, airless bottles often come with high-quality black, white, silver, or gold finishes around the cap and base of the bottle, which further adds a sense of elegance to your product packaging. If you’re looking for a unique and high-end bottle that is guaranteed to make your cosmetics stand out from the crowd, airless bottles are a perfect choice for you!

  • No product goes to waste

We all know the struggle of getting all the remaining cream, lotion, or shampoo out of your regular pump bottle. Because standard pump bottles use an internal tube to dispense of the product inside, it’s not uncommon that these type of bottles leave a lot of leftovers inside. Even though you might think the bottle is completely empty, there is a high chance that there are leftovers stuck around the sides and on the bottom of your bottle. The only way to remove these leftovers from your bottle would be by opening the bottle and using a special tool to take out the product. Not only is this a messy process, but by opening the bottle, you also allow air to enter the packaging which may affect the quality of the product inside.

When airless bottles, this issue is no longer present. Because airless bottles feature a disc that slowly moves up with every pump, you can be guaranteed that no product is left behind in the bottle. When your airless bottle is empty, 100% of the product has been dispensed and there won’t be any leftovers around the side or on the bottom of the bottle itself. This allows you to take the most out of your product by letting you use every last drop of it.

  • Enjoy an increased product shelf life

Due to the unique vacuum design of airless pump bottles, air and moist cannot enter the packaging. This is extremely useful if your product is sensitive to air. Think for instance about natural creams, serums, foundations, and formulations. By storing these inside of a vacuum environment, you can be guaranteed that the quality of the product remains the same no matter how long it’s stored inside. Thanks to this unique capability, airless bottles significantly increase the shelf life of cosmetic goods, beauty products, and even medicine. The possibility to store and dispense of creams and lotions in an airless way is what makes these bottles so special.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Because airless bottles do not feature an internal tube, the bottles require less materials to be produced. Besides, each airless bottle features a refillable design, allowing you to reuse the bottles time after time. Simply press the disc back down once the bottle is empty, give the bottle a quick clean, and you’ll be ready fill it up again. Be reusing your airless bottles, you’re not only saving money but also reducing your packaging waste – lowering your impact on the environment!

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