Staying home doesn’t have to mean missing out on exceptional cocktails


While we all are still adjusting to our new normal, it is now more important than ever that we remember to stay home. There are now only four reasons to leave your house, and while this may be difficult, we are doing this not only to keep ourselves safe but everyone around us. In positive news,Australians are leading the way in flattening the curve, with an incredible decrease being seen all over the country.

However, these are still strange times where a trip down your driveway to the bins, is the closest you will get to a night-out.

Social distancing measures exist for a reason, but it also means that hosting a party, crowding into a bar, or heading out to eat at your favorite restaurant is no longer a possibility.

How long will social distancing last? Well, it’s complicated, because no one can answer that question with certainty, but the best thing we can do is adapt. Just because you will be staying at home for the foreseeable future – besides the four reasons you are allowed to leave for – this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your favorite luxuries and indulgences that you normally enjoy.

Though we can’t go out and visit our favorite restaurants, to keep a sense of normalcy, try ordering take-away from them instead.

This will not only mean that you can get some delicious food, but it also meansthat you’re supporting a business you love, so they can continue to run and will be able to re-open once restrictions are lifted.

This will definitely satisfy going out to eat at your favorite places, however what about bars? How can you begin to recreate an incredible cocktail made for you by some of the most incredible bartenders in Melbourne?

While you could try to make your own, it would be a disservice to butcher your favorite cocktail while trying to recreate it. Plus,you might not want the extra effort of having to buy all of the ingredients and mix everything together.Cocktail making is not always a walk in the park, and it can be quite difficult to achieve the same perfection that you find in a bar, without a lot of practice.

Our solution is Curatif canned cocktails! Curatif Cocktails are ready-made canned cocktailsthat are easily ready to drink in seconds. Not onlyare they made with some of the best ingredients and spirits in the world, but all the work is done for you without compromising on the taste. They will truly replicate the drinks you would find at the world’s best bars. – If we were allowed to go to them.

Whether you fancy a deliciously smooth Espresso Martini, a perfect Italian Negroni, or even a classic Tommy’s Margarita, Curatif can provide you with all of these at home. You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality just because you are at home. You also shouldn’t have to compromise on convenience either, which is exactly what cocktails in a can will give you.

Don’t believe us? Curatif Cocktails picked up a silver medal at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Some of the most incredible world-class judges deciding on the best cocktails in the world. You could also just give them a go; you don’t have anything to lose -because we know that they are incredible – sometimes, you just need the liquid on your lips to truly taste the Curatif difference.

So why not just go out and buy yourself some Curatif cocktails? Or even better get them delivered right to your door.

You can get them delivered straight to your door for ultimate convenience and safety during these trying times.Remember, staying safe at home doesn’t mean missing out on a truly exceptional cocktail. Stay home and stay safe, with a Curatif!

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