How to make your wedding day all the more special


The idea of a wedding sparks feelings of love and joy. You’re marrying the love of your life with whom you can’t wait to share the rest of your life. Understandably, you want to make this day special and unforgettable for both of you and your guests.

A day such as this one gives you chance to spoil your guests with an experience they’ll live to remember for the rest of their lives and this is exactly what they expect, you might as well deliver! Let’s dive straight into how you can make your wedding day more special.

  • Have a unique bridal entrance

Ordinary bridal entrances are boring. Why stick to something that you won’t even remember? This is your big day and you can do as you please whether you have a ton of money to spend or are working on a string budget. It’s important to arrive in style! How can you achieve a stylish bridal entrance? One way is going big by hiring a helicopter to fly you in or arrive via a ski boat to the reception. If this doesn’t create a wow effect then clearly there are many other ways. You could try out a rose petal or confetti entrance, or a balloon backdrop. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to take this whole unique bridal entrance. 

  • Play Trending music

Everyone loves Christina Perry’s a thousand years and John legends all of me but time has passed and those songs have been played at almost every wedding in the world. These songs are indeed beautiful and no one doesn’t love them. But, people and probably your guests would be surprised by something a little more different like rain on me from lady gaga or “my oh my” from Camilla Cabello and “kings and queens” by Ava Max. It’s on rare occasions that you’ll hear these songs get played at weddings because they are simply different and away from the normal. They are exactly what will make your wedding day more special.

  • Unique wedding ring exchange

The process of exchanging wedding rings isn’t one to be played with. It’s the reason why the wedding happens in the first place. Do not allow yours to be the boring and normal one. Make it special and unique by deciding who will be holding the wedding rings (ring bearer). Will it be your cute dog or your sisters’ little son? Next is for you to choose a unique place to put the wedding rings i.e. on the collar of the dog’s chain or in the middle of your favorite book. Always ensure that your ring bearer knows the cue for when to come forward with the wedding rings.

  • An enthusiastic celebrant is key

There are quite many celebrants out there and getting the right one is what will make your wedding day special. Number one is to start looking for them early. It’s also fine to not have an idea of what you’d want the ceremony to feel like when you’re discussing with the celebrant. He/she will ask you the right questions that will prompt you to zero on what you’d want. Choose one that’s able to tell your story most uniquely. A story that you and the guests will be able to remember 10 years from now. Let it be someone that shares the same values and beliefs as you, one who gets your humor and gets you laughing from the beginning. He should also be able to capture the attention of your friends and family.

  • Provide guests with transport

Not so many couples will consider this but it will have your wedding rated at 5 stars. Whether the venue is near or far, provide for your guest’s transport. They will be grateful for this offer and you also won’t have scenarios of guests getting lost and calling you up for directions. You should be busy celebrating this special day with your better half instead of worrying about lost guests.

  • End the wedding in style

The fun doesn’t have to stop when the music ends. Allow your guests to send you off with shouts of joy and whatever noise they can make. Using lighters, and sparklers your guests can send you off in the most unique way. Also, gift your guests with sweets and chocolate that they can eat on their way back home or at the venue if they like.

  • Ditch the traditional wedding rings

A wedding without traditional wedding rings is rare but also unique. This doesn’t mean you won’t wear wedding rings but rather opt for a more unique alternative. On your big day have a tattoo artist tattoo your favorite symbols on your finger or ring symbols as a sign of love and commitment. This will save you lots of money that you would have used to buy wedding rings from a jeweler. Having tattooed wedding rings is what will make your wedding day special. If you’re looking for quality rings, check out the wedding rings Dublin website.

  • Unique sitting arrangement

As soon as your guests arrive, they should be wowed by the sitting arrangement instead of the traditional way of setting up chairs in rows, mix them up and place them in a half-moon design on either side of the aisle. The guests will have a better view of the bright and groom without having to struggle. In addition, choose extravagant floral pieces to put at the end of each row and wrapped colored ribbons around the chairs. This experience will be an unforgettable one for you and your guests.

Last words…..

Weddings will always happen every day, every year, and every month. People will also keep singing the same songs, sitting design, and entrance idea. It’s up to you to switch things up and try something new for your big day. With the unique ideas we’ve shared, your wedding day will be truly remarkable should you decide to use any of them. Always consult one another as a couple before deciding because you want it to be what both of you are looking for.

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