Things to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Bar Stool


Choosing a restaurant bar stool is not a decision to take lightly. Bar stools can be simple and utilitarian, elegant and impractical, or a crowd-pleasing classic that can be enjoyed for years to come. In choosing the right bar stool, there are a few factors to consider.


If you have ever been to a bar or restaurant and sat down on a bar stool only to find that something is not quite right, you probably discovered the importance of bar stool height. There are three bar stool types: counter height, bar height, and spectator or stadium height. Each stool corresponds to a different surface height, typically 36″ high for counter height, 42″ for bar height, and 48″ for table or counter height. The height of your stool’s seat height will generally fall 12″ below the height of your surface.

Benefits of Choosing Commercial Grade Over Domestic

With so many styles and types of bar stools available, it’s easy to become enamored with a particular style or look. It is important to keep in mind that you will need a stool that both fits your design aesthetic and one that will be durable. Choosing a commercial bar stool will save you money in repair and replacement costs.

There are several vendors, like Richardson Furniture, that specialize in commercial grade bar stools. They make bar stools designed for commercial use in restaurants to withstand heavy use. The materials used in their construction are heavier, and can accommodate many guests of varying weight. They are heavier and feature low maintenance wipe clean finishes.

Domestic bar stools are not designed for heavy use. They are made with lighter-weight materials than their commercial counterparts. Domestic bar stools are cheaper than commercial because of the difference in materials used to manufacture them. The price difference makes them tempting, but keep in mind domestic bar stools will probably not hold up to the daily demand in a restaurant environment the way a commercial one will. Last, domestic models often have adjustable features.

The ability to change the seating height may be perfect for in home use but, in a restaurant or bar, you will want to think about guests playing with this feature and how it will look to have stools of varying height lined up at your bar.

Materials and Features

Bar stools come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors. Wooden bar stools have a warm, rustic feel, especially when upholstered in leather. Metal and plastic bar stools are more modern. The style you choose should fit with your overall design. When choosing any bar stool, you want to think about your guests’ comfort.

There are many features that can affect comfort like foot rests and swivel seats. Foot rests are a must for guest comfort, and swivel seats allow guests to turn easily to talk with other guests. The back of a bar stool is another feature to consider. Backless bar stools lend themselves to a fast, casual environment. Stools with backs come in two styles, high back and low back. Both are good options if you want your guests to have some back support, and the added comfort, may even encourage them to stay longer.

Restaurant bar stools are a flexible and stylish seating option. The variety of styles and features make them easily customizable to fit any design. Just remember to double check your height, factor in durability, and comfort and you will have a stool that will serve you for years to come.

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