The Secrets behind the Ever-Trendy White Shaker Cabinets


Among all the kitchen ideas, white shaker cabinets are and always have been on-trend, adding life and resale value to kitchens for ages. But what makes this white-colored cabinet better than all the sleek, modern ideas? Let’s uncover the secret behind this everlasting kitchen trend.

Classy and Clean

The white color itself carries a clean and fresh vibe. The color is a classic, so are the white-colored cabinets. These cabinets never go out-of-style and suit any theme that you can think of- traditional to contemporary to modern. Most cabinet designs have ridges and textures that trap dirt and grimes. A shaker cabinet lacks these, hence making it easier for you to clean.

Bonus: You can quickly notice any dirt or spills due to the white backdrop and clean it up pronto.

Improves Resale Value

You might not want to sell the house at present, but it is wise to think about the future and the resale possibility. Some remodeling ideas improve the resale value more than the other designs. One such magical idea is installing a white kitchen cabinet, especially the shaker-style ones. The real magic is in the timeless design and versatile look. It complements everything with every color, and hence the future owner doesn’t need to stress whether their existing items will match the cabinets or not.

Giving a Spacy Illusion

Dark cabinets are neat, but they make a small kitchen look and feel smaller. With white shaker cabinets, you can make a small kitchen look more generous. Quite a necessary illusion, isn’t it? For small kitchen renovators with a tight budget, white cabinets are the perfect solution as the color builds a pleasant image of a more spacious and taller room without costing buckets full of money.

Easy To Customizea

It is easy and stress-free to decorate and redecorate a kitchen with white cabinets installed. You don’t have to worry about whether your decor, furniture or accessories will look good with it or not. Any colored accessories, devices, floor, wall, lights, carpets, and even windows look flawless with white cabinets. It also helps if you want to show-off any detail of your kitchen.

Brighten the Kitchen

Even if your kitchen has tiny windows, white shaker cabinets will make the room look bright and welcoming at any point in the day. Now, you might be asking, ‘how can a cabinet brighten a room?’ Answer: White color reflects the natural light from the sky, window, and even other rooms. These cabinets look greatest in those kitchens that get natural light for most of the day. So you don’t have to install numerous lights here and there, or knock-off walls to get a more spacious and more luminous kitchen.

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