Focal Point Gardening



There is nothing more satisfying than having a beautifully maintained and watered garden. For many there is nothing so dull as watering every second day to maintain that lush and beautiful garden. Irrigation is the most efficient way to resolve this problem. 

What is irrigation? 

Irrigation is the process of supplying water to your garden. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Drip-lines. Sometimes also known as low flow irrigation, drip system irrigation slowly releases water into your garden so your garden is effectively watered all day. This system is usually used in garden bed.
  • Sprinkler systems. This style of irrigation is perfect for turfed areas. Keep lawns lush with a well installed sprinkler system. If you have large lawned areas underground sprinkler systems can be installed for more efficiency. 
  • Misting Systems: Misting systems are ideal for greenhouse gardening. As the name suggests, a mist keeps plants damp and cool, and healthy. 

All these irrigation systems can be automated so you don’t even have to go out and turn a tap on. This is particularly useful for when you are away from your home for long periods. 

Why irrigate?

If you want to maintain that lush green and healthy garden water is essential. Gardens on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane suffer during the heat of summer and dry winters are also problematic here in South East QLD. So maintaining the supply of water is essential. Different gardens have different water needs. Exposed lawns need more water than a more protected garden bed or a drought resistant garden. Sometimes all these types of gardens are on the one property so an integrated irrigation system designed and installed by professionals is essential. One such specialist team is Focal Point Landscape Maintenance who provide irrigation design and installation to properties across the Gold Coast. The team designs irrigation systems that are efficient and within your budget. Their knowledge of modern irrigation systems, such as smart controllers means that you can enjoy a lush garden knowing you can focus on enjoying the outcome.