Professional Services As Per Your Solutions in Cleaning


Hygiene in a professional room plays an important role in the well-being of employees. Working in a clean and healthy climate is essential for being productive, creative and motivated. It is for this reason that managers must give great importance to cleaning the office: hiring professional cleaning services.

However, choosing a professional cleaning company to regularly clean the premises is never an easy task. Why? Because, in addition to being a factor responsible for the productivity and motivation of employees, the cleanliness of the office has a direct impact on your brand image. Here are 5 tips to help you make this decisive decision for the growth of your company. 

The price of the company’s services

When choosing the best cleaning company, most companies focus on one main criterion: price . As the operating budget of companies gets smaller and smaller, it’s normal for them to put price number one in finding the best cleaning company. 


Going for the cheapest cleaning company is never a great idea. Why? Because the cost of labor in this sector represents 90% of its turnover, offering very low prices always leads to illegal practices, such as the non-payment of medical services and social contributions, remuneration too low of agents, the lack of investment in employee training, etc. 

  • By favoring an office cleaning company in Toulouse for example, which offers a service well below market prices, you will quickly regret it. Indeed, their services are generally up to their price: inferior quality, degradation of the image of the company, deterioration of the tools used for cleaning, etc. 
  • Before making a decision and signing a contract with an office cleaning company, take the time to compare several rates . To this end, it is advisable to request detailed quotes from several companies in order to best define your budget and to know the market price and the services offered by the companies. 

The location of the cleaning company

As we have just seen, most of a cleaning company’s turnover is swallowed up by the cost of labor. But, in addition to this main cost, the overall price also hides other elements, including travel costs. Admittedly, a cleaning company rarely foresees the “transport costs” inside their detailed estimate, but, this line is, indeed, present in the total price. 

Reducing the travel time of a cleaning agent who will work in your business premises would be a win-win solution. Your company will save more money by choosing a local company, while ensuring excellent responsiveness. For his part, the cleaning agent will not spend several hours in the means of transport. 

The expertise of the cleaning company

Of course, this criterion is not compulsory, but it would be more judicious to trust an experienced cleaning company. The must is that she has already worked in a field of activity close to yours . In this way, the start of the operation will be efficient and fast. She will also be able to advise you on the measures adapted to your difficulties and constraints. 


For a sector with unique constraints, the training of cleaning staff is essential so that they respect the procedures in carrying out their task. This is the case with a laboratory or a company that holds sensitive information. Before committing, always have the reflex to ask for references to avoid uncomfortable situations. 

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