The Advantages Of Digital Locks 


By simply pressing a finger on the digital door lock (ประตู digital door lock, which is the term in Thai), one can gain entry to one’s house. Originally, these locks could only be found in vehicles, but thanks to technological advancements, they can now be used in homes as well. The following are some of the benefits associated with digital locks: 

Enhance Protection: 

With a digital lock device, you can see who attempted to break into your home, when they attempted it, and even how they attempted it. This will help you understand how secure your home is. In addition, most digital locks have smart alarms that notify the homeowner in the event of a fire, robbery, or vandalism. You may also use optical security cameras to check who is at the entrance visually. 

They Use A Smartphone To Do Their Job: 

Digital locks also have the advantage of being able to be built into a smartphone. All that is needed is the installation of the software that works with the smart lock. From a distance, the smartphone will lock and unlock the lock. This helps eliminate inconvenient situations such as returning to your house to lock it if you left it open. The apps will notify you if anyone is attempting to tamper with the lock, allowing you to notify the appropriate authorities. You can also use the app to check if all of your doors are closed, ensuring that your home is safe. 

Multiple People May be Authorized At The Same Time: 

Digital door (ประตูดิจิตอล, term in Thai) locks allow you to give different access codes to different people, allowing you to give authorization to multiple people. 

Extra Keys are Not Needed: 

There is no need for spare keys for digital locks since they are keyless. All you have to do now is share the access code with those you care for. 

It Saves Money: 

Due to the high protection offered by digital door locks, it is possible to reduce the number of stolen goods, saving money that would otherwise be spent on replacements. In addition, since the locks do not need keys, money is saved that would have been spent on producing spare keys and even replacing missing keys.  

Since this digital door does not need keys to lock or unlock, there is no risk of losing or forgetting them.

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