How Portable Evaporative Coolers Can Reduce Your Energy Bills


During summer, the only thing more annoying than the hot temperature is an increasingly high energy bill. When using an air conditioning unit, you can’t avoid this and have to pay huge fees as energy bills constantly. A portable evaporative cooler is an affordable method of keeping your home cool while also helping you save on energy bills. Evaporative coolers provide refreshing air when the summer heat is highest and does this without burning up energy. Their designs are more straightforward, and instead of pulling moisture from the air completely, it cools the air and adds humidity to it. If you’re all about saving on energy consumption, keep reading to find out how portable evaporative coolers can reduce your energy bills.

Watts Usage

When the air is dry and hot, a portable evaporative cooler is a hero that brings balance. It works efficiently in low humidity and does this while consuming 75% less electricity than refrigeration systems. Most evaporative coolers only need about 120 volts of electricity to perform efficiently. It doesn’t require a high-amperage circuit. Once you plug it into a standard outlet in any part of your home, the portable evaporative cooler will get right to work.

One way you can have the energy consumption measured is through the wattage rating. It is one of the most useful measurements for energy available today. It is a great way to estimate the electricity cost required to run a system efficiently. The power consumed by a portable evaporative cooler can be determined by the number of watts it uses. If a 60 watts light bulb is known to consume less electricity than a 100 watts light bulb, then the same goes for cooling systems. Although the average air conditioner consumes at least 1200 electricity watts, the evaporative air cooler consumes about 400-700 watts. This number also depends on the system’s size and the fan it comes with. When compared to air conditioners and their watt usage, there is a significant difference.

If you’re clueless about the number of watts a portable evaporative cooler consumes, you simply have to check the fan motor information plate. Alongside other details, it lists the power consumption of the cooling system. The fan and the water pump are what consume the energy. Other activities do not require electricity to take place, like the evaporative method. When it comes to sticking to a budget, evaporative coolers and air conditioners are not the same. A portable evaporative cooler will you half the price of an air conditioner.

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