Entrance Mats Protect The Surface From Wear And Tear In Commercial Buildings


Customer’s safety and experience is the most important thing for every business. After 2 years of lockdown period, businesses are trying to open to earn a livelihood. Still, looking at the current situation in the UK, Africa, and Israel, people are scared of the outbreak of the third wave of coronavirus. For this reason, many offices and commercial buildings are following protocols of safety and hygiene.

The first method of cleanliness is using sanitized mats at the entrance and sanitizer machines at every possible corner of the building. Shopping malls are public areas and the most crowded places. According to the CDC, the virus is carried to different places through the body and shoes. Thus, sanitized mats must be placed at every entrance of the building where traffic is major.

Entrance mats are not only meant for keeping shoes clean, but it also helps in keeping dirt and mud away from the floor. When customers rub their shoes before entering the building, they leave behind all dirt on the mat. This helps in maintaining cleanliness inside the building. Also, when shop floors are covered with customized mats, it helps in preventing the floor surface from wear and tear.

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Benefits of Using Entrance Mats in the Commercial Area

  • Hardwood, tiles, and marbles are common materials that are used in commercial places for flooring that can crack, chip or scratch by any object, shoes, high heels, or wear and tear. The cost of replacing damaged flooring surfaces is expensive, thus installing an entrance mat helps in protecting the floor space.
  • These products normally help in controlling the spread of germs, dirt, debris, and bacteria inside buildings. However, there are also sanitized mats which contain antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria, which is nowadays quite often used in commercial areas to avoid COVID19 virus outbreak in commercial buildings.
  • Few entrance mats solve the dual purpose of cleanliness and maintenance of the floor along with branding. Mats can be easily customized with different shapes, sizes, and colors, brand name, brand logo, catchy or motivational slogans, to enhance the interior and grab customer’s attention on the first go.
  • The entrance, lobbies, and reception of every commercial building are always decorated with tiles or hardwood flooring which are dangerous when they are wet. To prevent people from falling and suing the company for personal injury, business owners install anti-skid entrance mats for safety.

Most enterable mats are made with rubber backing which holds them firmly at their places even during rush. It creates a stable surface for people to walk comfortably. The benefit of installing fancy or customized entrance mats is not only protecting the floor, but it is also enhancing the interior of a building.

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