Make The Most of Garden Storage – Five Top Tips


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Garden storage can instantly make your garden look tidier, keep all your gardening tools together and even add stylish design features to your outdoor space. If your garden is a small balcony in a modern apartment or if you have a wide-open space this article will hopefully provide you with some tips and advice on making the most of this space. Here is a breakdown of some top tips when it comes to garden storage:

Wheelie Bins Away:

As we know wheelie bins are possibly the ugliest looking items each homeowner has in their garden. Just the sight of a wheelie bin can make your garden seem a little untidy. With the use of a simple bin storage box, you can easily hide away your wheelie bins and simply take them out on bin day! Something as simple as a storage container can also help prevent damage to fences and other items in the garden during windy / stormy nights.

Extra Storage in Garden Furniture:

Outdoor seating areas can also be used for storage solutions. If you have one chair or even a dining area garden storage benches are available that contain a storage solution at the base of the bench. This gives you plenty space to add almost anything, garden tools or even plastic cups and plates for the times you are entertaining outdoors.

Green fingers – Potting Benches

If you have green fingersand have a garden that requires some maintenance a potting bench could be an ideal solution for your gardening tools, allowing you to keep them all in one place.  If you haven’t come across a potting bench before, it’s essentially a workbench for the garden with a work surface and extra shelving, perfect for seeds, watering cans and pots.

Use The Walls!

If you’ve got a much smaller space to work with and don’t have space for larger storage containers, you can make the most of your walls. Slatted panels can be used for hanging rails and hooks, allowing you to store more garden items. Don’t forget when hanging items high up it’s important to have a step ladder to safely access this area.

You can also use the walls for hanging tools such as spades and shovels, this will free up floor space, with this said, you may be best adding to the walls in a garage or shed as keeping large items like this on show is not a clever idea due to home security.

Room For A Shed?

When it comes to storage it may seem obvious, but a shed can be your best friend, it can safely keep all your tools and even bikes, keeping your garden tidy.  As sheds come in a range of shapes and sizes it’s likely that you will find one perfect for your space. Again, with any valuables, make sure your shed can be securely locked and anything of value is not on show.


In summary there are a wide range of techniques and products on the market to help you store all your garden items to make your garden both tidy and stylish. If you have a more open space, you can benefit from adding storage containers alongside furniture containing storage compartments. If space is a premium look at the walls, can you add hanging storage solutions or use smaller storage boxes or shelving units?

Hopefully, we’ve given you a range of ideas to get started with and help remove that clutter from your garden area.


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