Do’s and Don’ts in DIY Pest Control


Pest control should alwaysbe treated as a matter of urgency. A short delay can be a matter of life and death, depending on the type and magnitude of the infestation.Do it yourself (DIY) is very effective most times; comes in handy when you have a low budget or little time to wait for a professional pest control company.

Here are easy DIY tips when it comes to pest control;


  • Identify pests before identifying treatments.

Different pestscall for different exterminations methods. The identification of the pest is the first step in pest extermination. Some pests are often confusing, so find out if you are dealing with the right pest.

  • Maintain high standards of hygiene

Always stay ahead of pastes by keeping high standards of cleanliness. Pest won’t have a place to hide when your house is always neat.

  • Declutter your house

A clean house might deter pests from the house, but clutter will keep pests hidden from view. Arrange your house properly.

  • Seal pest entry points

Do you spot a crack near your house? Seal all potential pest entry points. If the pests can’t get in, you won’t need extermination.

  • Keep household remedies at hand.

Pest control doesn’t have to be expensive. Invest in simple home-made pest solutions. You can use a vinegar solution to clean utensils and keep insects away. Borax kills all types of bugs within the house.Diatomaceous earth is another suitable remedy which desiccates pests in an instant.

  • Store food properly

Nothing welcomes pests like improper storage of food. First, food can easily go bad, and secondly, provide food to pests. Rodents easily make a home when where food isn’t properly stored.

  • Wear protective gear

Always wear protective clothing. Some pest like bees is very harmful. Always have the right sort of attire to go with the pests that you are exterminating.

Pesticides are poisonous always wear gloves handling pesticides. Wear masks to avoid accidental poisoning. Protective clothing is there to keep you safe.


  • Use pesticides near children and pets

Children and pets are vulnerable and curious. If you leave any dangerous chemical, unattended children may ingest them.  Keep dangerous pesticides before use and after usage.

  • Forget to take out the trash.

After cleaning your house and mowing the grass, you will have some refuse. Always put the litter in trashcans. Trashcans should be emptied regularly to keep flies and maggots away. Trash can also house pests when kept for too long.

  • Forget to read labels.

Labels have a reason. Always check labels for the expiry date and any useful info. Carefully read instructions on the use of pesticides before use.

  • Keep your house damp.

Always keep your house dry. Damp surfaces are breeding grounds for pests.


You never know when pests will strike. It is always good to know the dos and don’ts in pest control. That will keep you safe from the pest and pesticides used in pest control. The best options you have in DIY pest control are preventive measures. Preventative measures in pest control are maintaining a clean house, reducing clutter, keeping surfaces dry, and taking out the trash, etc.

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