Blessing of Lord, the birth of a child


The most magical time of a woman’s life is when she becomes a mother. An emotional journey of hardships, cravings, mood swings, mixed feelings surrounds a family in those nine months. The emotional attachment of a mother with her unborn baby is understandable, but fathers too go through some ups and downs, feeling sentimental and fatherly. Being parents is one thing on paper and whole other in reality. And when that time comes all parents learn how to be the selfless figures of guidance and care.

To congratulate the new parents on this special curve in their lives and to celebrate this joyous occasion we have a few outstanding ideas that will compel you to honour this occasion.

  • The baby girl’s cake

From decorations, colour combinations and cakes all are different for boys and girls. For a Birthday cake for baby girl, a theme-based cake will be the best. Barbie, flowers, her favourite colour, her picture, or something you think resembles your relationship with her. Mostly pink colour and chocolate and pineapple flavoured cakes are preferred, but no strict rules say you can’t opt for an exotic cake.

  • The baby boy’s cake

Most significant of boys, the colour blue is the most common for a baby boy’s cake. Themes like Superheroes, Batman, Spiderman, Doraemon, and the endless other cartoon characters kids love and adore can be suitable choices. And flavours can be the one you like Red velvet, Chocolate, Pineapple, Coffee, Black forest and so much more.

  • Presents for the Baby

A new baby means new things. Kids have a whole new set of requirements, and they are inevitable. At a time like this, it is a golden opportunity, finding gifts for babies is not a brain scratcher, get them what they need or what their parents know they need. With flooding products, from body care to clothes, the options are endless.

  • Baby attires

Babies nowadays have their trends game on. From mini skirts to shrugs, jackets to caps, neckpieces to watches everything from head to toe comes with a fashion statement. With brands aiming babies as their target audience, it seems ironic, funny and cute. So close to our hearts, babies are entertaining to dress and adore too.

  • Baby’s needs cum gifts

The babies might not speak up their requirements, but it is very well evident that they need some stuff and it can’t go without it. A pram, a walker, a swing, an electric car, colouring book, crayons, easy stationery, are some ideas you can turn to

  • A gift hamper

Giving individual useful items is a great idea, but if you wish to go over the edge and astonish the parents, you can go for a gift hamper. A baby’s hamper usually includes some Huggies, face wipes, body wipes, gentle face and body wash, soft towels, a dress or two, a bedsheet and other such products, all very essential items for a baby.

When the Lord blesses us with a baby, it becomes our utmost responsibility and is very conventional. But above all, it is an instinct of any parent to do selflessness deeds all life long, to be a mentor, a ray of guidance, and to play a role in their babies experiences. It is also very very crucial to be a fun parent at times to enjoy with your child, be a child with them, and revive your bond. Also, to make your baby like you, you may have to do a few favours from time to time to win over your partner, your baby is going to make his preference too.

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