Are Rat blockers better than the Rat Traps and Pesticides?


Rats are a menace that we need to stop from entering our property. Rat infestations can result in property damage, which can be quite costly. But there is an effective solution that you can use to stop the rats from entering your house. One thing that you can do to stop such infestation at your home is to use the 6 inch rat blocker. The 150mm rat flap is enough to restrict rats from entering your building or home from the drainage.

How Rat Drain Blocker Prevent Infestation?

Rats are a health hazard that you should get rid of immediately. They are known to carry various diseases, also they are going to eat your food, chew wires, and destroy your wooden furniture, which makes them even more menacing. Rats use the drainage system of your house and building to enter your premises. By using the 6 inch rat blocker, you can block the entrance of the pests.

Why Rat Traps and Pesticides are Ineffective in homes and buildings?

Rattraps are one of the popular solutions for stopping rat infestation but they are less effective. Also, rats can avoid them easily. Pesticides can be effective but they are a hazard that you should avoid using at your house and building.  By using rat blocker you get the opportunity to get rid of rats in an instance. Here is why blockers are best to use:

Benefits of Rat Drain Blockers

·       Long Term Solution

Rat blockers are made of stainless steel, and it is one of the durable materials. Use of stainless steel makes them the best long lasting solution that can use the stop the rat infestation. The 150mm rat flap can stop rats of different sizes from entering your property.

·       Easy to Install and Use

You can use the rat blocker in all kinds of buildings.  You can use the Rat blocker for your factory, office, or even house.

·       Safe to Use

The procedure like pesticides are not environment friendly, also using them when you have kids on your property can dangerous. Rat blockers are placed at your drainage outlet that keeps them away from the reach of kids. Also, the rat blockers are environment friendly compare to the pesticides.

·       Cost-Effective

In the case of rat blockers, you only invest one time as they are known to last long. Also, there is no maintenance issue with the rat blockers.

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