Wedding Season Is Here, Keeping The Memories Fresh


Whether you’ve just tied the knot or been married for a while, printing and framing your wedding photos is a great way to keep the memories fresh. Getting your precious memories off the computer and onto the wall will help you to enjoy them for years to come. 

Choosing which photos to print and how to frame them can be tricky. Read on for some great advice and tips on how to get started.

Get your wedding photos off the computer and onto your walls! 

Having a USB flash drive of your wedding photos is important. It’s where you can store all the photos together in one place. But to really enjoy the photos, you’ve got to get them off the USB and off to the printer. 

The tangible nature of printed photographs help you interact with them and appreciate them more. You might sit down once in a while to look through digital photographs on your computer, but it’s the photos that you print and frame that you get to see and enjoy every day.

 Which wedding photos should you frame?

When you have hundreds of photos from your wedding day, it can be tricky to choose which ones to frame. For many people, making this decision is what keeps them from printing and framing their photos in the first place. 

Here’s some tips for narrowing down your choices:

Go with your gut

When you look through your wedding photos, you might find that some just stand out to you or make you more emotional than others. Try not to think too hard about it, just flick through the photos and shortlist any that you have a strong reaction to.

 Choose artful shots

The shots that have dramatic lighting and beautiful composition tend to be more eye catching when framed and hung on your wall. This is especially true if you are planning to blow the picture up and put it in a large frame.

 Consider a range of photos

If you’re having a hard time just choosing one photo, why not choose a selection that works well together and tell the story of your wedding day? Display these each in their own frame as a gallery wall or combine them into a single frame.

 What type of frame is best for wedding photos?

If you are planning to print off several smaller photos on cheap cardstock, simple pre-made frames may be adequate. However, if you’re planning on printing on high quality cardstock and want your photos to last a lifetime, the best option is a custom made wedding photo frame.

There are a few reasons why custom wedding frames are the best option:

  • Made for the photo. Whatever size and style the photograph is, a custom frame will be made specifically to bring out the best in that image. With pre-made frames, you’ll sometimes find yourself altering or compromising the image to suit the frame when it should be the other way around.
  • Maximum protection. Custom frames are made from high quality, acid-free materials which will prevent your photos from being damaged from dust, acid and UV rays. This means you can keep the photo looking fresh and beautiful for decades to come.
  • Full control. If you’ve got a particular style in mind, you can achieve it with a custom frame. You can control everything from the width and material of the frame to the colour and style of the matboard. Not sure what you need? Chat with a professional framer who can walk you through your options.

  • High quality result. You’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding photos, so it’s worth getting them framed in a high quality, professional way. Custom frames will do your wedding photos justice.

What size should you print your wedding photos?

There’s no right answer when it comes to choosing the size of your wedding photos. Think about where you want to display them and what would work best with the room layout and existing decor. Use Google and Pinterest to gather some inspiration about what types of looks you like best.

Some popular options include: 

Large, statement photos

If you’re not afraid to go big and bold, a large photo with a simple and elegant frame can have a beautiful effect. Consider hanging it above your bed, in the lounge room or in the entryway.

Little details

If you want to print a lot of photos, consider doing them in little frames and displaying them throughout the house along with other decor items. For example, a small wedding photo on your bedside table, on the bathroom bench and on the bookshelf in your office.

Gallery walls

Gallery walls are a great way to display more than one photo. You can change up the sizes for an eclectic, balanced result. Mix in artwork and home decor for a complete look.

Over to you

Whether you’ve just got your wedding photos back or you’ve had them for several years, don’t let them just sit on your computer any longer. Take a couple of hours to choose your favourite photos, order some prints and talk with a picture framer. Once you’ve got them displayed around your home, you’ll be reminded of your special day every day!

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