The Smarter Kitchen – Kitchen Design For People Who Love To Cook


The modern, bright kitchen has moved from being a futuristic dream to a technologically feasible reality. Recent advances include AI (artificial intelligent computer technology) that can respond to voice to talk and gestures. With the potential to change a light, change temperature, assist with a shopping list, unlock cabinets and drawers, turn on ovens, measure water, and other liquids, or activate kitchen electric scales. The more competent kitchen of tomorrow is undoubtedly the hottest amongst today’s kitchen designers.

Nonetheless, what is it exactly that makes for a truly more imaginative kitchen? 

Appliances, cookware, and outsmart kitchen design are all part of the emerging science of kitchen innovation. With advancements in thermal imaging, meaning that the food people cook in can be more accurately monitored. With a new wave of technologies such as infrared, thermal imaging means that the same food can be cooked at various temperatures but on the same day. There are many ways to rustle up using diverse combinations of similar ingredients. 

The absence of intelligent cookware that senses human movement and reacts accordingly means that the entire process of cooking becomes much more active and interactive.

The inclusion of touch-sensitive devices means people no longer need to open their kitchen cabinet, rummage through drawers full of spices and ingredients, and then add them all up to get a variety of tastes and flavours. With the addition of touch-sensitive kitchen design sensors, a person can simply activate the device and say “ok” – that’s it!

Of course, individuals still need to utilize traditional cooking surfaces for cooking a meal.

Still, with today’s sonde technology, individuals can use their microwave oven or roaster to do the work for them while watching the television or enjoying their evening on the couch. The best part about integrating these two technologies is that the touch screen used for cooking is also used to control other electronic entertainment systems, such as TV. The integration of these two technologies means designing a more ingenious kitchen design starts with proper space and appliance features.

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The Smarter Kitchen: Kitchen Design for People Who Love to Cook

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