The best of Interior Designs and How to Understand


When building or renovating, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing and knowing how to combine the colors that will give harmony to the decor of your home and each environment. In this articlewe will give 3 very important tips when renovating or when we buy a new house with respect to the definition of colors that go from the walls to the objects and decoration pieces.

Using a color scheme

A color scheme is essentially the composition of colors used in an environment, from the colors of the walls, floors, to furniture, objects, paintings and fabrics. The big secret of a harmonious result when decorating the house is to think about the color scheme from the beginning, one of the most common mistakes when choosing colors and objects, is to make the choice without weighing the whole, in the final balance of colors.

Color scheme

The project’s color scheme is the starting point.As in the project, thinking about the whole is fundamental for colors. Colors at first may seem like just a choice of taste, but behind a successful color scheme you have a lot of knowledge and experience. The rules for using color is quite broad and complex, much more than it may seem. The first thing is to know how to classify colors in their different categories, cold, warm, neutral colors, etc. Knowing what each color can transmit is very important because each environment has its defined function and therefore the color can help to give that final touch the personality of the environment and the right energy.

Action Environment

An easy way to differentiate between an interior designer and an architect is to think that the latter works with the outside of a building, while the former focuses on the interior. Architecture graduates are able to work with building construction projects and other types of works. Those who attend Interior Design College work with the creation of customized furniture according to the needs of the environment, personalized lighting, furniture and accessories management, internal decoration and much more.

Duration Of The Course

The great competitive advantage for those who choose the Interior Design course is the technologist’s training time. Unlike the Architecture course, which for being a graduation lasts an average of 4 to 5 years, with the Interior Design course for being a technologist, the student can graduate in up to 2 years and plunge headlong into the job market. For more you can visit now.

Legal Liability

Although the interior designer cannot propose, for example, demolition and erection of walls, the architect’s duties, both professionals can and should work together in preventing accidents during project development.

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