The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Gloss Tiles


Let’s read the Mike Belk Blog to know about the benefits as well as drawbacks of using gloss tiles.

The Pros of Gloss Tiles:

  • Make Small Areas Appear Larger

Shiny ceramic tiles are reflective, as well as permit light to bounce around the room. They open smaller sized areas as well as trick the eye right into making little rooms appear larger than they are, in fact. Consequently, shiny floor tiles are an outstanding selection for bathrooms or for limited areas within larger rooms.

  • Make Dark Areas Appear More Vibrant

For comparable reasons, glossy floor tiles can make your area appear lighter as well as brighter, particularly white tiling. Glossy tiles are an ideal option to brighten up light-limited, darker rooms.

  • Easy to Clean

The unsafe nature of gloss surfaces suggests they’re very easy to wipe tidy. Consequently, glossy ceramic tiles are optimal for bathroom walls and kitchen area splashbacks. Simply have a look at this beautiful glossy marble effect ceramic tile in a fashionable bathroom as an instance.

A practical place for shiny floor tiles that lots of homeowners ignore is around fireplaces. The residue, as well as gunk of the fire, can be easily eliminated from the shiny surface, it’s one of the best-kept secrets to conserve your cleaning time in the residence, as well as using marble-effect or encaustic-effect glossy ceramic tiles will give your fireplace a really original as well as authentic feeling.

The Cons of Gloss Tiles:

  • Gloss Emphasizes Imperfections

The shinier the surface, the easier it appears dusty. Gloss often tends to draw attention to any kind of staining such as fingerprints, soap smears, impacts, or wet places. Therefore, a gloss coating requires more regular cleaning than matt floor tiles. To have them looking their sparkling finest, you should ensure you don’t leave any smear marks. Nevertheless, on the upside, cleaning is very easy with a basic clean.

  • Gloss is Slippery

A smooth, shiny surface area has a tendency to be extra slippery than a matt surface area, specifically when wet. Consequently, it’s never a good concept to use a gloss tile for floor, as well as especially for washroom or wet-room floor covering or in high traffic areas, such as entrance halls.

  • Brilliant Reflective Qualities

Some individuals simply don’t like the brilliant reflective quality of gloss, as well as some spaces, which are merely not ideal rooms for gloss coatings. If you feel like to make a soothing, serene atmosphere in your research study, then gloss would be totally inappropriate. The intense gloss result would be disruptive as well as uncomely in such an environment.

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