Making Decision on Vinyl Plank Flooring


An increasingly popular choice for flooring in most homes is vinyl plank flooring. It not only offers all the advantages of conventional vinyl flooring, vinyl plank flooring offers an option that is visually pleasing, and it simulates the effect of solid wood. If you are thinking about options and are thinking about installing vinyl plank flooring, you will need to research for useful information that provides all the cost of vinyl plank flooring as well as some tips to aid in achieving the best results for your home.

Good news

The best news concerning this type of flooring is that it is completely DIY-friendly if you have the correct tools and research beforehand. In considering whether you want to get on with this project yourself or not – simply click here in order to consider the breakdown of professional costs. These are what they look like.

  • Average cost new flooring – $2.49/square foot;
  • Cost of carpet removal – $0.01/square foot;
  • Old carpet disposal – $45
  • Material and Fee costs – $5.05/sq. ft;
  • Labor for removal – $32/hour;
  • Labor for vinyl installation – -$36/hour

Worth the cost?

Honestly, when equated with other options of floor currently on the market, vinyl planks have earned its place as a cost-effective option.In fact, it is hard to think of a cheaper flooring solution. But with wear that is hard or furniture that is heavy it does mean that an earlier replacement could be a likelihood. Vinyl options do last as little as 10 years when contrasted to potential life value from wood alternatives.

Answer these questions

To help you need to answer these questions to decide if vinyl costs are worthwhile – these are:

  • The endurance you want;
  • The wear your flooring will expect;
  • Your knowledge and DIY skills;
  • Amount of furniture you own;
  • Aesthetic you are looking for.

When you consider these ahead of time, you will find the vinyl plank flooring pays off in the long run.

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