How to plan the decoration and interiors of the house completely online?


We are in the digital age and, with it, increasing facilities to solve almost everything completely online. At home, these possibilities range from cleaning equipment, like the super famous robot vacuum cleaners, to the complete decoration of the house – our subject today.

With good ideas, the use of collaboration platforms and the increasingly easy interaction between architects and clients, it is possible to completely remodel the house in a functional and cozy way. After the renovation or construction work of a place is finished, the decoration phase comes, the most involving and well-known of the profession.

First, the customer sends a draft

The collaboration process for the interior decoration project completely online, takes only 4 steps. First, the customer sends the indications about the spaces he wants to remodel. Photos or videos record the details of the spaces for architects. Along with these files, the floor plan of the property must be sent or, if missing, the draft made by hand with the measurements of the environments.

The layout is studied

From the materials sent by the clients and the description of their needs, the interior architects begin the study of the layout, indicating the position of the furniture according to the most comfortable and functional organization. This plan is even presented by video calls.

The project’s moldboard is carried out

After the approval of the landed house interior design plan, the designer proceed to the 3D planning, which defines which colors will be predominant, which furniture will occupy the environments, the lighting solutions and all the details requested by the customers. Once finished, the moldboard is presented to customers through video calls.

Just do it

With the studies carried out, presented and approved by the client, it’s time to transform the house. For this, the architects send a document with the list of products indicated for the project. Prices, sizes and indication of stores will be described in this document, as well as guidelines for execution. Easy, fast and much more economical, this project will give the customer the taste of being the interior architect of your home. In this project, colors, types of furniture and organization were studied and indicated so that the environments would be more spacious, light and cozy.

Comfort starts completely online

Here, we noticed the organization with the lighting design in the lowered ceiling, sofas and armchairs in earthy tones and wooden frames and pieces. The contrast with the predominance of light color provides elegance and sophistication to the environment.

Carefully chosen colors and textures

Here, we have the integrated environments. The organization took into consideration the type of space and, with that, what would be the best ways to organize the furniture. As a result, we have airy, pleasant spaces, with easy circulation and with a very well defined personality.

Hiring an interior designer largely depends on his analytical skills. Not every design is suitable for you. There must be some uniqueness. You may have personal taste, but the designer knows it better.

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