How Prenatal Massage Is Different from Regular Massage?


When you expect a baby, you may probably suffer from all kind of pain and aches. The additional weight that you carry along with its focus on your face might modify your posture and distortion, as your body attempts to make up for your changing center of gravity.

A proper prenatal massage is different from the normal relaxation massage in a typical day’s spa in various respects. These variations are increasingly crucial and noticeable as your pregnancy proceeds with further adjustment in the second and third quarters compared to your first quarter.

Seek a certified massage therapist with further prenatal massage training. A skilled postpartum massage therapist will know how to position your pregnant body (for example, side-lying reduces additional pressure that you would have on your back).

Difference of prenatal massage from the regular message

·        Reduce swelling

Special approaches for handling soft tissues can be employed to encourage fluid retention. Edema is often caused by the fact that a heavy uterus can decrease circulation and increase blood pressure.

·        Relieves sciatica

During pregnancy, sciatic nerve discomfort is a typical problem, since the uterus is located on the pelvic floor and lower back muscles. The pressure sends pain into the leg muscles via the sciatic nerve, causing them to enlarge and put pressure on adjacent nerves. Fetal Fotos prenatal massage in Utah gives you an opportunity to enjoy the changes that occur during your pregnancy if you are looking for a pregnancy massage.

·        Balance hormone levels

Recent research has demonstrated that massage improvement in the management of norepinephrine, cortisol, and serotonin hormones during pregnancy – chemicals involved with stress, rest, and mood.

·        Keeps the baby safe

To safeguard the baby, the intensity of the pressure exerted to muscles and tissues and the positioning of the mother’s body must be regulated.

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