Choosing a Power Washing Company to Get your House Cleaned? Here’s What You Should Know


Getting the exteriors of a house power washed is not something that you can be precarious about. Instead, it’s something that must have your full attention, especially, when picking a company. That’s because not all power washing companies offer the same quality of services. So, if you’re looking out to pick a company to get the exteriors of your house cleaned, you must keep the following factors in mind.

The company that you choose should:

  • Have a permit license.
  • Hire only professionals.
  • Have a track record of happy customers.
  • Be easy to contact.
  • Feature testimonials on their website.
  • Have handled similar projects in the past.
  • Offer multiple services.
  • Offer emergency services.
  • Offer flexibility to pick your own time.

Moving on, it’s only a few elite firms like Zachs Power Washing that offer all the above listed comforts. Some of their most elite and popular services are listed below.

  1. Soft Power Washing the Walls

No matter how expensive the paint on the walls is, it still gets dull with time. That’s because of:

  1. Pollution
  2. Harmful sun rays 
  3. Organic growth 

Experts at Zachs use the soft washing technique to treat the walls against all such troubles. The soft power washing technique uses a mixture of water and detergents for cleaning at low pressure so that only the targeted problems – dust and organic growth – are removed and not the paint.

  1. Window Cleaning Services

The windows are cleaned against dirt, settled dust, water spots, and stains of all kinds. Whether it’s windows on the ground floor or top floors, professionals can access them all and deep clean them.

  1. No Pressure Roof Cleaning

This technique requires a chemical solution that is evenly spread on the affected roof. The benefits of using this chemical solution are listed below.

  1. It dries out within a minute or 2.
  2. It doesn’t get runny. So, it doesn’t enter inside the cracks in the roof.
  3. It kills all kinds of fungus and organic growth quickly.

Once treated, professionals at  Zachs power washing use a brush to scrape loose chunks and they leave behind the tighter ones instead of forcing them out. The ones left behind are automatically carried away by the wind and rain. 

  1. Concrete Cleaning Services

It involves cleaning the driveways and walkways against algae and other kinds of stains. Professionals use a mixture of detergents to disinfect the area and remove algae. It helps in:

  • Removing slipperiness. 
  • Cleaning dirty feet marks and tire marks.

All in all, hiring professionals for soft power washing is the best thing that you can do to keep the exteriors of your house clean.

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