Know the Bifolding Doors: The Features and Benefits


Bifolding doors are a type of sliding and folding door where the panel folds as it slides. It is made with multiple panels, which ultimately folds and rests over the single panel that then stacks up against the wall. It opens up the barrier completely. It’s one of the main functions is giving the entrance a very spacious look that would make even a small and compact room airy.

The door is folded both ways – inside and out. There is also a provision of traffic door or door closers atlanta ga in case you are frequently using the door to go in and out. You can keep all the panels closed and use just the traffic door. These doors are used for outer space and inside the house to separate rooms or a particular area for specific use. Different styles may come with different features. Here you will get the idea of general features and benefits –

Mechanism of The Bifolding Doors

The door commonly uses a track both on the upper side and the bottom to have a smooth glide. The track guides the panels with the sliding and folding action through a procession of wheels or a lower track system. It may generally come with a side door opening folding the whole way or with two doors parting in the middle with rest sliding to either side. Check Locksmith Bronx here. 

For installation of bifold doors, it is better if a professional like The bifolding DOOR factory handles it. They supply and install windows, bifolding doors, lantern roofs, and glass roof lights. They have credentials of The Glass and Glazing Federation, FENSA, TSI, TRUST MARK, GGFI, TGAS, and Trust Pilot. For every installation you will receive a building regulation compliance certificate for the glazing products their company supply.

Bi-folding Doors - maintenance, operation and most common issues

Benefits of Having a Bifolding Door

  • Flexibility – The mechanism of the door is immensely flexible and requires least effort to open up. You can open it both inside and out, and introduce a traffic door if necessary. You can customize the features, number of panels, colours, and design of the layout.
  • These doors give space more natural light with a wider view.
  • Security – According to standards, external bifolding doors come with multiple locking mechanisms unlike one main locking point of traditional doors. You can also install reinforced glasses and alarm, but it will be costly.
  • Thermal efficiency – If the standard of quality is maintained these doors provide very good heat insulation. The general engineering of the door completely seals the inner space from the outdoor.
  • Cost – It depends on suppliers and installer, the security features included, the material and technology used, and obviously the requirements of the layout. The aluminium bifolding doors are more expensive, but are durable and require very less maintenance. This makes it a better investment and also quite cheap on the long run.

Consult with the supplier or installer to get the estimate. They would measure the slot, consider your requirements and budget to give you the best quote possible.

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