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Now that you know everything about garden sheds, we are going to tell you in summary form the most important aspects when it comes to mounting them. We are going to focus on the wooden huts, since they are the ones that can lead to the most difficulties.

Before starting you must take into account a key aspect, and that is to correctly plan the location of your garden shed.

You should check that the surface where you are going to place your garden shed is completely flat, and it is also important that the land has a very good drainage.

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When choosing the place you must also take into account other factors, for example, it is very important that you avoid placing it in places where it receives a lot of wind, try not to be totally exposed to it. Finally, it is also important that there is at least 2 meters of space at the entrance door and at least 50 cm away from any plants to avoid that the shed can be affected by humidity. Simply check this site  and learn more now.

  • Once you have assessed all these aspects, you can start to assemble your garden shed. First of all you must make sure to place the floor correctly in order to continue with the installation without problems.
  • Next you must place the wall planks very carefully. Lay them row by row and make sure they fit well together. Take your time to place all the wall planks, once you have them all in place, it is time to place the window. If you have placed all the wall planks correctly, you will have the exact space for the window and you will not have a problem in placing it correctly.

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Remember that to properly finish mounting the walls you must place the side, front and rear studs. You can help yourself with a rubber mallet to install these. You must reinforce the entire interior part with bolts, as this will greatly reinforce the house in case of storms or natural phenomena that can damage it.

The time has come to place the door, before finally fixing it make sure that it is well placed and that it closes well. You must screw the frames with custom screws and remember that you should never fix the door frames on the other front planks or the pediment. Finally grease the door lock so that it works properly.

The last step you are going to have to do is place the roof and fix it correctly. You will need to place the plates at the ends of the beams and fix them with screws. Next you must place asphalt fabric on the roof, an essential element, since it is very important for waterproofing roofs. To finish the roof installation, you must place the fixing strips and the finishing profiles, in both cases using screws.

Do you want to learn how to maintain your shed?

As we have mentioned, garden sheds require maintenance, especially wooden ones. Let’s suppose that you already have your tool shed in your wooden garden but you don’t know how to maintain it. Do not worry, below we are going to give you the best tips so that your garden shed stays like new.

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