How to Avoid Dirty Building Exterior?


Many building owners, especially newer ones, don’t really think about cleaning the exterior of a building until it is dirty. However, once dust and dirt accumulate on the surface, it creates a very unpleasing scene.

The Drawbacks of a Filthy Building Exterior

First, it is about aesthetics- nobody likes to look at dirty stuff. Especially taller buildings that haven’t been cleaned can create more negative effects. This is because they can easily be seen by everyone. If you don’t clean the facade for a long time, patches and grimes can form, which can damage the material permanently.

A dirty building facade is especially harmful to the office located there. After all, it is hard for clients, customers, potential employees, ad everyone else visiting the premises to take the business seriously when it hasn’t even managed to clean the building. Rather, it gives out a very negative message about the lack of hygiene, which is going to affect your brand a lot.

The unattended filth can also be the cause of diseases and allergies for people in the building and even people who pass by it. Also, a dirty building facade has been seen to release a foul smell. All this makes the office a hard place to stay.

How to Avoid Dirty Building Exterior?

Honestly, there are only two ways. One is to put the right paint, and another would be to clean your facade when it is dirty. For applying the right paint, you should consider the material of the building and work with your construction team.

The more important task is to clean your building facade. You see, the building exterior is always exposed to the outer air, rain, sunlight, and pollution. So, it is impractical to say that the building won’t be dirty every once in a while. Thus, you will have to regularly cleanse the facade, and for that, you will need building facade cleaning services.

Is Exterior Facade Cleaning Expensive?

Cleaning the facade of a building includes working on heights. Previously, workers had to endure a lot of risks, especially when they were working with railings, ladders, lifts, etc. However, these days, you have the option to look for a rope access service in Singapore. With rope access, the work doesn’t require a lot of cleaners, and they can work fast without a lot of risks. Thus, the exterior facade cleaning is becoming very affordable these days.

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