What Are The Pest Control Processes Maintained by BUGCO?


One of the universal rules of mother nature is, if she gives something amazing to you, it must have at least one side effect. Every positive has negativity all along with them. Such an amazing creation of nature is life. If you think from the side of the ecosystem, every life matters,  detritus to a bug. But when it comes to your favorite chair, straighten your back on the comforting sofa, you won’t desire that a bug pops up and ruins your peace. We are all strict at that time and violence is the last way to remain. However, again fighting with those small insects or bugs or commonly known as pests, is quite impossible with bare hands.

That’s why you need a pest control service that can protect you and your beloved things from getting damaged by the pests without ruining your surroundings. BUGCO is the Best Pest Control San Antonio. Because they are using the right processes. The processes are being discussed below.

  1. Mechanical Pest Control

Mechanical Pest Control technique is defensive type. It puts a barrier between your home garden and your plants. As you can see, this method concerns protecting mainly the plants in the garden. Instruments are being used. Another interesting fact is, it has two special benefits. As it can protect your plants from pests, also it doesn’t allow any parasites to enter your garden physically.

  1. Field Burning

If you have a big farmhouse or have a lawn where you are cultivating foods, if you spot pests there, this process will help. It’s a very traditional process as it was introduced when cultivation was started. The method is simply burning the field after taking all the corps. Field burning kills all the pests, even their eggs.

  1. Pesticides

Like field burning, using pesticides is an old technique to get rid of pests. There are two types of pesticides, one is natural pesticides and the second is artificial pesticides. Natural pesticides n er you and your surroundings. Synthetic pesticides can give you quick results however those are harmful to human beings.

  1. Using Position

Pesticides are for pests but some harmful animals like rats. Those can be trapped inside cages. But that’s not the permanent solution. You need to kill all of them. Poison is the best solution to this problem. Apply poison on the foods and make a trap. Applying this process for a week can clear your residence properly.

  1. Biological Pest Control

Biological Pest control is the safest way to control your resistance to pests. Such a method is safe from all points. For example, adding special bacteria causes the killing of mosquitoes along with nymphs.

BUGCO is well aware of all that is listed here. Everybody knows these but the problem is, using these methods appropriately. As you can see, not every method is healthy for your residence. Contact BUGCO, the specialists will do accordingly and take care of your pets in your house.

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