Five Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Ceramic Floor Tiles


Ceramic tiles are unbeatable for their beauty, durability, and versatility. They are ideal for bathroom, kitchen, and even entry floors, as well as backsplashes, and countertops. Generally, they are easy to clean; however, they require some upkeep. This guide will give you information on how to properly maintain your Ceramique au Sommet Montreal to ensure they remain in sparkling shape for years to come:

Sweep and Vacuum your ‘Tiles Regularly

While ceramic tiles are quite tough, they can get scratched. Sweeping and vacuuming your ceramic floors will keep dirt and debris from marring the surface and getting ground into the grout. If you have installed ceramic tiles in an entryway, put a doormat both outside and inside. Also, encourage your family members to wipe their feet. 

Perform Weekly Washing

After you sweep and vacuum your ceramic floors, mop them at least once every week with a small amount of mild dish detergent mixed in hot water. You don’t have to use any stronger or more aggressive solutions. However, if you want, try to test your cleaning solution on a hidden surface such as behind an appliance to make sure it will not harm the finish. Do not use a sponge mop that pushes dirt off tiles and into the grout. Rather, use a string or strip mop head. 

Keep the Tile Dry

You should expect ceramic tiles to be slick when wet. Thus, so you must dry the area thoroughly with a clean towel or stay out of the room until it air-dries completely to avoid a slip. 

Don’t Leave Spills Unattended

Ensure to clean daily messes such as spilled milk and tracked mud as soon as you see them because they can stain your tiles. Just dampen a cloth or mop the spills with warm water and a little of mild dish detergent and wipe it up. 

Keep the Seams Sealed

Tile installers apply the grout to tiles to lock them tight, keep water out, and offer a finished look. However, as a porous material, grout is prone to getting dingy. That is why you must seal the grout after instilling the tile. Also, do this once or twice every year afterward. You can purchase easy-to-apply sealers at your local hardware or home improvement store. Keep in mind that when installing new tiles, it is best to choose darker grout. This helps hide dirt and offers an attractive contrast to the final look of your tiled floors. 

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