Do You Want to Hire Professional Painter or Prefer DIY?


Whenever you want to give a facelift to your home by repainting the interior of your home, the question that comes to your mind is should I hire a professional painter? Why not go for DIY way and save some money?

Well, then ask this question once again whether you can paint like any professional painter? Obviously, you will get your answer. However, in case it is a question of repainting a small kitchen or bath room only then DIY way makes some sense, but for painting a whole interior and exterior, certainly a professional painter will be more preferable.

DIY painting

Sometimes DIY can be a fun for the whole family, who may get involved in the process. You may take the pride after seeing the end results of your own efforts. However, while doing your interior and exterior painting in DIY way, there are few things that you need to consider very carefully.

  • Unevenness
  • Staining of nearby materials
  • Injuries
  • Longer time
  • Too tiring job
  • Expenses for various tools, brushes etc.

Therefore, doing such projects all by yourself can always have many risks and remember it is not absolutely free. You will still spend a great deal of money from your pocket. After taking all the trouble and risk, if you do not get the results that you expected, then you can do nothing, but makes you unhappy about your decision.

Painting by a professional 

You can find many professional painting companies in Slagelse or malerfirma Slagelse who will be ready to do everything in the interior painting as well as exterior painting work, whether you are private individuals or a company in Slagelse.

Most contractors will be ready to take any kind of painting job, whether it is just painting only your windows or for full-house painting job. If you assume that you have hired them for painting your interiors. Then you can always expect them to do the following:

  1. Coverage of almost all areas and only place that will be excluded is your floor. In some cases, your windows and kitchen counters or cabinets may also be excluded.
  2. They will perform surface preparation before starting the painting, which will include:
  • Light sanding/scraping of your loose paints
  • Tapping in some protruding nails if any
  • Cleaning off your entire woodwork
  • Use tack-cloth in few areas.

The contractor will consider that your house is mostly available in paint-ready condition.

  1. Removing all electrical plates, doors, lights and any other obstacles.
  2. Shifting of all furniture away to get better access to all the areas that has to be painted. Though painters are not meant for that, so before confirming your order you must check.
  3. Priming your new drywall or current paint by using interior latex primer.
  4. 2 coats of colour on the walls with interior latex paint.
  5. 2 coats of paint for ceiling.
  6. Painting the moulding and trim.
  7. Various touch-ups of any missed spots.
  8. Various clean ups for any accidents.

Finally, you along with the painting foreman will evaluate the job done and redo if any shortcomings are found.

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