Create More Space in Your Small Sized Kitchen


If your kitchen is small then there are a few solutions that you can implement to maximize the utilization of every square foot of your layout. You can make this important area of the home functional and also comfortable regardless of the space you have.

Here are a few smart ideas that you can also discuss with your kitchen contractor who can help you implement those ideas so that you can make the best use of your tiny layout.

1.    Transform your small corner into a storage nook

You have the liberty to use your various corners as a storage place instead of crowding your various essential items lying on your counter you can use these storages at corners.

2.    Push your cabinets to the ceiling

Standard kitchen cabinets have often an open space available at the top. This can create a bit of an airy feel that you may not get in the smaller kitchen. What is the use of having a dead space? You can rather use that space as your cabinet instead.

3.    Use glass cabinet door

A disadvantage of pushing your cabinetry up can make your kitchen a little more claustrophobic. You can cure this by using glass cabinet doors. Also, by adding interior lights inside the cabinets can make a big difference.

4.    Go for lighter colours

Prefer to go for any neutral or rather lighter colours. Darker colours can make your small kitchen feel darker, heavier, and smaller.

8 Space-Making Hacks for Small Kitchens

5.    Prefer larger floor tiles

Initially, you may feel this idea a bit counterintuitive, but small flooring tiles can make your room appear to be smaller.

6.    Turn into a spice rack the kitchen junk drawer

With a little kitchen renovation, all your junk drawers into spice drawers can always be a much better way. Not only will this idea can free up your cabinet space, but also stacking your spices in a very well-organized way can help you to reach the spot easily and make cooking easier.

7.    Open shelving kitchen

For small kitchen, open shelving will be a smart solution for storage that doesn’t have any scope for a standard hanging cabinet.

8.    A storage system to pack your small kitchen table

Such kind of hack can turn your shelving unit into a certain kitchen storage system, which can pack a pull-out table.

As such there are plenty of advantages also by having a small-sized kitchen. Some of them are as follows:

  • Better ergonomics
  • Less expense for your building materials
  • More scope for DIY construction that is more practical
  • Easier kitchen design
  • Living space can be maximized

Choose such kitchen layout that will work

With small-sized kitchens, your scope of potential layout changing is a bit limited but that is a good thing. By maximizing your functionality of the available space, there will hardly be any unused dead space left. Having open flooring with high ceilings can be great, but they usually don’t help while cooking the meal.

You can also visit any nearby kitchen company to get a few more ideas.

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