Why you should consider a career in Football


You wear your team’s kit every time they play. You know the full squad inside and out and keep up to date on the latest signings, promotions, and relegations. You have a fantasy team that you manage like a pro. You check live scores and stats more than you check any of your socials. You play in at least one team weekly and the weekends feel a tad empty when there are no games on. In short, it’s safe to say that you live and breathe football.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to consider a career in football? If even if you’ve ‘passed your prime’ and you’ve put your dreams of playing professionally to bed, there are still plenty of amazing career opportunities waiting for you in football.

If you aren’t sold, here are our top reasons why you should consider a career in football!

Live your Passion

Many of us, unfortunately, don’t get much satisfaction from what we do for work. A career in football, however, will you the chance to actively contribute to the game you love so much! Spots may be limited at your favourite team, but surely working in football beats not working in football?

See the World

They don’t football the world game for nothing! Football is popular everywhere, and there are huge competitions and major clubs in countries all over the world. You may not even need to learn a new language thanks to its presence in many large English speaking countries. This means if you’ve always wanted to live and work abroad, football offers these opportunities to you!

If you’d to stay home but spend some time on the road, there are many roles in football that will give you the chance to travel frequently!

Inspire the Next Generation

What’s the next best thing after becoming a professional footballer? Helping someone else to realize their own dream! Working in football offers you the chance to experience an incredibly rewarding career, where you have the chance to work in a hands-on capacity with people to help them realize their dreams! This could be at a local level, or at a higher level in a football academy or some other semi-pro environment.

Job Opportunities

The football industry is rapidly expanding, which means there are more and more new jobs opening up in football every day. What this means is that there are more chances for you to make a move into the industry. Plus, you have the choice to continue on your current career path (just in a different area) or perhaps make a change and get a fresh start, it’s up to you!

Good Luck!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your dream role in football today!

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